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Voice Growth and Change in Kids and Teens with Dr Jenevora Williams (Presentation Replay)

Voice Growth and Change in Kids and Teens with Dr Jenevora Williams (Presentation Replay)


Join us for an insightful online presentation on Voice Growth and Change in Kids and Teens with Dr. Jenevora Williams. Recorded April 18th, 2024

During this 2-hour session, Dr. Williams will cover:

  • The benefits of teaching children to sing from a young age.
  • Understanding the differences between children’s and adults’ voices and their underlying reasons.
  • Exploring what young singers can and can’t do at various developmental stages.
  • The physical changes in the adolescent voice and their expected tonal qualities. (with audio examples).
  • Recognizing and nurturing the stages of vocal development.
  • Practical tips for efficient technical study throughout the growth process.

This replay will be available until May 10th, 2024.

Teacher Testimonials

Thank you to Dr. Jenevora Williams for the wealth of excellent information today and for answering my question. I did not want the webinar to end. ~ Larissa F.

Thank you for synthesizing this information in a practical, digestible way and normalizing the emotional components of child/adolescent singers
alongside the physical changes they’ll be experiencing. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who works with young singers! ~ Susan D.

This was a wonderful workshop presented well. Tons of information, but not too overwhelming.~ Jessica S.

The class was educational and entertaining. Dr.Williams has a great deal of knowledge and experience to share with all of us. I enjoyed the class content tremendously! ~ Jodi Ann C.

Well paced, easy to understand and super interesting. ~ Betty E.


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