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Full Voice
Teacher Guide

Inspired teaching strategies for voice lessons with children
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Interested in Working with Young Singers?


How do you facilitate lessons that honour the child singer and celebrate the vocal instrument? The FULL VOICE Teacher Guide offers simple and effective teaching strategies you can apply immediately. Shipped to your address (shipping fees determined at checkout). This 102-page book includes:
  • strategies for getting started with new students and first lessons
  • multisensory warm-up activities for singers of all abilities
  • singing games to help develop independent singing skills from the very first lesson
  • small group lesson curriculum and planning
  • age-appropriate repertoire recommendations for young singers
Bonus! Includes articles from expert vocal music educators:
  • The Young Singing Larynx by Dana Lentini
  • Choosing Repertoire for Auditions by Nate Plummer
  • Tell the Story First by Donna Rhodenizer

This Voice Teacher Handbook is available as:

FULL VOICE Teacher Guide


Teaching insight, strategies and lesson ideas for Voice Teachers working with young singers.
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