Teacher Training

Professional development workshops for voice teachers.

Hi, friend and colleague!  Our teacher training workshops will begin again in July 2022. Please sign up for our newsletter to be notified of our exciting future workshops.

Going to the NATS conference in Chicago? Nikki and FULL VOICE Music will be there! Visit the NATS website and be sure to sign up for this incredible professional development event! Check out our presentation and visit us in the exhibit hall!


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Building Musical Foundations for the Young Singer

Vocal Pedagogy for singers 5 to 15 years

This workshop offers insight and pedagogy for establishing foundational singing skills for young beginner singers. The presentation will address teaching the pre-pubescent singer, including the pedagogical science and research of the developing child voice, cultivated curriculums, and engaging teaching strategies. Moving through the developmental stages, the second half of the presentation will cover assessing the stages of adolescent voice change and tailoring teaching methods to suit the vocal range and quality. Participants will acquire practical take-home strategies and will understand how to deliver an organized teaching method grounded in rigorous scientific accountability.


  • Dana Lentini
  • Nikki Loney
  • Jenevora Williams

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