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Teacher Training

Enhance your teaching skills with exciting online courses in Vocal Pedagogy for Children!

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FULL VOICE Teacher Training Workshops & Courses

Now, more than ever, families are looking for professional vocal instruction for their children. If you are looking to welcome a new demographic of young voices into your studio, we are here to help!
I'd never planned to teach kids, but--surprise! Families with kids started coming to me for lessons, and I felt like I had no idea what I was doing… This workshop was SO HELPFUL in answering my questions and clarifying how teaching children should be approached differently than older teens and adults… I left the workshop today much more excited and confident about teaching kids, and I'm so grateful! Mary M.
Recorded Replay of the Play-based Learning workshop

Play-based Learning, Engagement, & Lesson Pacing

Join our concise 45-minute workshop and discover simple strategies to incorporate play into your vocal pedagogy. Dive into the essential connection between engagement and lesson pacing, and gain valuable insights on avoiding common teacher traps. Learn practical techniques to facilitate exciting, enjoyable voice lessons where students leave your studio with smiles, excited to sing at home.  

Fun Fact: This workshop is for voice teachers seeking innovative approaches to engage younger singers. However, the principles and strategies covered in this workshop can be adapted and applied to students of all ages and levels.

(This workshop is previously recorded and does not include the Q&A from the live presentation)

Teacher Training Testimonials

This training was absolutely everything I needed and more! With a whole host of new 6-year-old students, I was feeling the pressure of keeping things fun, but still productive throughout the entire year. Now, I have plenty of new ideas, strategies to keep both students and their parents engaged and a better understanding of what I can continue to work on as a teacher. Thank you so much, Nikki!! I couldn't recommend this enough! Aliah E.
If you work with primary-aged singers, you need to take this workshop with Nikki. With enthusiasm and clear language, she sets teachers up for success. Thanks to Full Voice, I feel energized and ready to face another fall teaching season. Rebecca E.
If you teach voice to children, you need to attend this workshop! I learned so many new strategies and enjoyed every minute of this workshop. Carolyn M.

Happy Singing Teacher Course (Mini-Course) Getting Started with Young Singers Ages 6 to 10

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Are you a voice teacher looking to expand your studio offerings and work with young singers? Whether you're an experienced voice teacher or just starting out, the Happy Singing Teacher Course Mini Course will inspire you with the pedagogy, resources, and confidence to welcome young singers into your studio!

The FULL VOICE Online Courses are fun and concise, with videos of in-person and online vocal instruction. All courses include our kid and teacher-tested resources, songs, lesson plans, and downloads—everything you need to get started.

This course was developed for teaching professionals and includes 6 modules

  • Vocal Pedagogy
  • The Child Singer
  • Singing Skills
  • Repertoire
  • Lesson Plans
  • Parents, Practicing, and Policies

This mini-course currently* includes 10 recorded lessons, including:

Pedagogy: Play-based Learning, Engagement, and Lesson Pacing
The Child Singer: Childhood Development, Technical Study for Kids
Singing Skills: Vocal Exploration, Solfege
Repertoire: Teaching a New Song to a Child
Lesson Plans: General Voice Lesson Outlines, Song Study

The FULL VOICE Online Courses are fun and concise, with videos of in-person and online vocal instruction. All courses include our kid and teacher-tested resources, songs, lesson plans, and downloads—everything you need to get started.

*BONUS: More modules and lessons will be released monthly! Teachers who enroll now can access all future lessons released in this course. You have lifetime access to this course. Multi-teacher studios, please contact us for licensing options. 

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Small Group Classes (Opens Late Fall 2023) Group Lessons for Young Singers Ages 6 to 10

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Small group classes offer incredible opportunities for teachers, young singers, and their families. The Happy Singing Small Group Classes Teacher Course has engaging lesson plans and our fabulous kid and teacher-tested resources. If you are excited to offer introductory small-group classes, this course is for you! 

This online course includes 10+ video lessons of in-person and online group lesson plans that can be easily customized for your teaching studio.

  • Opportunities and Considerations
  • Introductory Small Group Class
  • Group Lesson Best Practices
  • Classroom Management Guidelines
  • Seasonal Lesson Plans 
  • Marketing your Group Classes
  • And MORE