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Happy Singing Teacher Course: Getting Started with Young Singers Ages 6 to 10

Happy Singing Teacher Course: Getting Started with Young Singers Ages 6 to 10


Are you a voice teacher looking to expand your studio offerings and work with young singers? Most pedagogy courses don’t cover the child singer – But we do!

Whether you’re an experienced voice teacher or just starting out, the Happy Singing Teacher Course will inspire you with the pedagogy, resources, and confidence to welcome young singers into your studio!

The FULL VOICE Online Courses are fun and concise, with videos of in-person and online vocal instruction. All courses include our kid and teacher-tested resources, songs, lesson plans, discovery pages, and downloads—everything you need to get started.

This course was developed for teaching professionals and includes 6 comprehensive modules:

  • Vocal Pedagogy
  • The Child Singer
  • Singing Skills
  • Repertoire
  • Lesson Plans
  • Parents, Practicing, and Policies

A growing library of lessons to inspire and build your teaching toolbox.

Pedagogy: Play-based Learning, Engagement, and Lesson Pacing
The Child Singer: Childhood Development, Technical Study for Kids
Singing Skills: Vocal Exploration, Solfege
Repertoire: Challenges and Opportunities, Teaching a New Song to a Child
Lesson Plans: General Voice Lesson Outlines, Song Study
Parents, Practicing, and Policies: Partnering with Parents

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