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Full Voice Music Blog

Welcome to the FULL VOICE Music Teacher Blog! We are passionate about sharing great resources and inspirational articles for the inspired vocal music teacher (that’s YOU!) Your comments and ideas are always welcome.

Our Latest Posts

10 Simple Strategies for Shy Singers

10 Simple Strategies for Shy Singers

November 7, 2022 
There are many reasons why your student may be holding back their voice. Here are helpful activities and resources for helping shy singers perform with confidence.
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Better Lesson Pacing in 2022

October 20, 2022 
Lesson pacing is mindful observation, connection, careful planning, and the ability to shift from your plan when things aren't going in the desired direction. Lesson pacing and engagement go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other!
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Winter Music for Kids

Winter Music for Young Singers

October 8, 2022 
Need some great seasonal music? Discover our winter repertoire for young singers. Seasonal songs kids LOVE to sing!
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Student Engagement in the Voice Studio

August 30, 2022 
Engagement is far more than simply "paying attention" but the degree of curiosity, interest, excitement, and motivation in learning.
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No-singing Voice Lesson plans

The NO SINGING Voice Lesson

August 13, 2022 

What do you do when your student can’t/shouldn’t/won't sing? How about a no-singing lesson?

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a poster illustration Halloween themed lesson plans

Halloween Lesson Plans for Voice Teachers

August 3, 2022 
With fun costumes and decorations, the dramatic season makes it easier to engage students in learning new exercises and repertoire.
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Recital follow up and compliment cards with a big heart picture

Recital Follow-Up With Compliment Cards

May 15, 2021 
As teachers and experienced performers, we can forget how stressful first recitals can be to performers of all ages. Those small, nervous mistakes that our students navigate during their performances are not easy to forget. Compliment cards can help families celebrate the efforts of all students.
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Teaching Harmony Singing to Beginners

April 22, 2021 

Helping our students learn to sing harmonies starts from the very first lesson. Here are some teaching strategies, lesson ideas, new songs and free resources that make it fun and engaging.

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Song Study Voice Lesson Plan

Song Study Voice Lesson Plan: Wolf in the Forest

April 9, 2021 
An engaging and productive lesson can be connected to singers' repertoire. Here are song-study activities using Wolf in the Forest by Donna Rhodenizer
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