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Free Resources

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Our Free Resource Offerings to Help You Get Started!

Keeping students engaged and on-task is easy with kid-friendly resources, songs, studies, and singing exploration activities.

Download, print, sing, and SMILE – see how FULL VOICE materials can enhance your voice lessons today!

Free Sample Pages

We know that students and teachers enjoy our materials, but we want YOU to be 100% sure they are a good fit for your lessons.

Free Songs (or Pay What you Can)

Friend and colleague! If you and your students enjoy our free resources, please consider a Pay What You Can donation. 100% of your kind donation goes to our fabulous composers. Every donation makes a difference and is greatly appreciated. Happy Singing – for everyone!

Free Singing Games and Activities

Vocal Exploration and technical studies that build confidence and independent singing skills.

Learning Tools

Flashcards, music reading visuals, and essential teaching tools for great singing lessons.