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Meet The Team

Nikki Loney

Voice Teacher, Resource Creator

Inspired by the youngest students in her private voice studio, Nikki Loney challenges teachers to redefine what a singing lesson looks like for a child. Founder and CEO of FULL VOICE Music, she works with music education specialists, children’s composers, and musicians to create music education resources for the young vocal student. She is an active member of NATS, and The FULL VOICE Podcast (part of the NATSCast Network) serves the independent voice teacher and has a global audience.

Years Teaching: 31
Years Performing: 41
making kids smile, creating resources that make kids smile, unquestioning determination.
Weakness: remembering birthdays, storm chips, font shopping
Passions: gardening, cooking, sci-fi, coffee by the fire

Mim Adams

Voice Teacher, Resource Creator

Mim is dedicated to empowering singers, helping them feel confident with their voice and musicianship. Co-developing FULL VOICE Music resources gives her the opportunity to share her years of experience, and to dig into those nitty-gritty details of music engraving she loves so much. She regularly works with children, adults, and post-secondary students in lessons and choirs, and she continues to perform with various ensembles, including her longest-running project Canary Mine which features some of her own original songs.

Years Teaching: 22
Years Performing: 33
Positive encouragement, jazz vocals, arranging music.
Weakness: Ice cream, keeping too many glass jars, thrift stores.
Passions: Surfing, reducing waste, and reusing things.

Shawn Trotter

Music and Media Superhero

Shawn Trotter is the talent behind our podcast, videos, and our song accompaniment tracks. Shawn has a lengthy career as a musical musician. Playing guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, and ukelele in the pit for a wide range of musical shows for over 20 years! Shawn gets to flaunt his arranging skills with our bonus band tracks. He makes our accompaniment music exciting and fun with full band arrangements.

Years Teaching: 30
Years Performing: 35
All-star studio musician, recording tech, starting fires, making breakfast
Weakness: Writing bios, Cookies, Ice Cream,
Passions: Composing, arranging, microphones, sci-fi,

Heidi Heaver

Administrative Superhero

A student of music from the age of 4, Heidi earned a degree in music education from UWO. She ran a private piano studio before embarking on a lengthy and fulfilling career as an elementary school teacher. Now a member of the Full Voice Music team Heidi is excited to be part of a program that fosters a love of music in young people.

Years Teaching: 45
Years Performing: 48
A sense of humour, organization, keeping Nikki on task, junior engraver
Weakness: Jewellery, cheese
Passions: Singing, playing the piano, logic puzzles, family and friends

Karen Michaels

Piano and Voice Teacher, Social Media Expert

Voice teacher, Tech lover, Wife, and Mom! Karen is the Las Vegas Voice Teacher AND the Social Butterfly! Not only does she love teaching her passion for voice, piano, and performing, but she also ADORES helping small business creatives learn and create social media in a way that uplifts their businesses and their lives.

Years Teaching: 15
Years Performing: 30
I can see and hear the potential of your voice before you can, I make piano chords like
Weakness: Spreadsheets, manual car stick shifts, donuts,
Passions: journaling, piano, cheerleading small business marketing, donuts,

Linda Fletcher

Composer, Voice and Piano teacher, Music Director

Linda Fletcher is an award-winning music educator who maintains a thriving private voice studio as well as directing two church choirs. Her choral and vocal compositions are performed worldwide, and her songs are favourite exam selections for young singers. In 2016, she was honoured by the Royal Conservatory of Music as a Teacher of Distinction in recognition of her commitment and contributions to music education. With a song in her heart, Linda encourages students to find joy in singing and creating music.

Years Teaching: 50
Years Performing: 60
creativity, boundless energy, finding joy in (almost) everything.
Weakness: Kryptonite and Christmas cookies. 
Passions: Camping, traveling, nature, and my family

Glyn Lehmann

Composer, musician

At the age of ten, Glyn Lehmann bought his first record, Let It Be by The Beatles. This sparked a lifelong love of music and a career as a musician, composer, and songwriter. Having worked in theatre, television, and film, he now focuses on writing works for children’s choirs and solo voices. In 2012, he established SONGLIBRARY.NET to publish his ever-increasing repertoire of songs for children. Glyn is delighted to have his songs included in the FULL VOICE universe!

Years Teaching:
Years Performing: 46
Attentive listening and observation, composing to a brief, collaborating.
Weakness: Housework (there’s always tomorrow).
Passions: The craft of songwriting and arranging, Australian native trees and birds.

Donna Rhodenizer

Composer, Performer, and Teacher.

Donna Rhodenizer combines a vivid imagination and musical talents to write songs that are well-loved by young singers and their teachers. Donna started writing songs for children during her 37-year career as an elementary music education specialist. Now retired from public school duties, Donna enjoys sharing her teaching expertise online through ‘Elementary Music with Donna’ and ‘Donna & Andy’ websites and socials. She continues to write new music for singers of all ages and is thrilled to offer her music resources for vocal studios and music classrooms around the world.

Years Teaching: 41
Years Performing: 10
Authentic interest in children, ability to inspire and encourage others, imagination/thinking outside of the box.
Weakness: Chocolate, staying up late, and sleeping in!
Passions: Creating and sharing the best music possible, reading, creating planning charts.

Ben Bowen

Ben Bowen is an engaging children’s entertainer and early childhood music educator. A guitarist, trumpet player, and singer, he has shared his music and songs with little ones for over 25 years. He owns and operates the successful music program Mr. Ben’s Music and has released numerous albums of original and traditional folk songs for children to sing. Visit mrbensmusic.ca to find his inspired recordings and PDF songbook.

Years Teaching: 27
Years Performing: 40
stylistic flexibility
Weakness: having too many ideas at once
Passions: passionfruit gelato. hot sauce.

Robin Heaver

Website Superhero

Ever since Robin was a child, he loved taking apart electronics and putting them back together. This led to his fascination with all things computers and learning how the internet worked. In University, he pursued his passion of understanding the online world of today by learning Web Design, Computer Science, and Marketing. Although not musically trained, Robin can still play the odd song on piano, guitar and did take a History of Jazz class one semester.

Years Teaching:
Years Performing:
Fixing electronics, Building Websites, and being creative.
Weakness: Schnitzel, Vinyl Records, and Kryptonite. Oh I mean my poor vision that requires glasses.
Passions: Sailing, Web Site Marketing, and Vinyl Records.