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I am OBSESSED with Full Voice Music's materials...

D. Hunter-Holly
I don't personally teach children, but I teach a lot of students who teach children so we have used these materials in my vocal pedagogy courses. The songs were also perfect for my Vocal Methods class for instrumentalists last year: approachable, fun, and singable!
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love your resources!

Laura McLean
I just had to write and say how much I appreciate and love using all your resources in my studio and with my singers. I've been using your songs and games for a few years now and you continue to put out new amazing content, great lesson ideas, age and vocally appropriate repertoire that I use all the time. THANK YOU. There really was a need for a methodology beyond RCM books for young singers in private lessons and you have provided that!!
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Amazing Resource

Nate. B United States
I use these exercises in my studio every day! My students love them and their improvement is incredible.~ Nate B. (Five Star Amazon Review)
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Amazing Workbook!

I have been teaching from these books for 3 years now. Excellent teaching and learning ability incorporated into these books. The methods teach both voice and the basics of music theory and get the students wanting to learn. I have officially incorporated these books (all levels) into our Music Academy and have my teaching staff […]
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Great workbook for beginners of all ages!

Jessica N.
This book series is great for my vocal students. I have a 12 year old and a 14 year old using Level One, so don't let the suggested age limit you. The lessons are engaging, the singers are learning music theory and really enjoying themselves! Jessica N. (Five Star Amazon Review)
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Teacher Training

Mary M. Radiant Voice Studio United States
I was so touched this past week when one of my kiddos said that her old teacher would never let her play with making silly sounds with her voice, and would admonish her to “Stop being silly and sing!” She said, “I love singing now!” Thank you for helping me to bring play and creativity […]
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Excellent for my children's vocal music class

United States
This set of books plus the online materials on FullVoice.com have been invaluable in the children's vocal music class I am teaching. The kids love the materials, and so do I. Even the 7 and 8 year old kids understand the theory, because it is so clearly explained in small steps. I will be ordering […]
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These workbooks explain things extremely well and my students love them!

I started using FULL VOICE with my private voice students a couple of months ago. I have taught beginning voice for many years and have used many different resources. These workbooks explain things extremely well and my students love them! ~ T.Phillips
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Perfect for New Music Readers

Libby W. United States
I love this book. It is completely accessible for new music readers and new sight singers of all ages. It is organized very logically starting just with solfege and then gradually adding rhythm and eventually note reading. It's exactly the resource I have been looking for for my beginning singers. ~ Libby W. (Five Star […]
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