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FULL VOICE Music Podcast

A podcast for voice teachers. Sharing pedagogy, business strategies, and best practices for your voice studio.

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Our Latest Podcasts

FULL VOICE Podcast 179 Do you hear what I hear?

179 | Do You Hear What I Hear? with Mim Adams

Do you hear what I hear? Probably not. Nikki and Full Voice Team member Mim Adams discuss foundational music skills of ear-training and audiation exercises for singers. Mim shares teaching strategies for students of all ages to find pitches when singing harmonies. Nikki and Mim share details and activities from the new release, Songs and Studies for Kids! Introductory B.
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Online Music Lesson Studio Success with Melissa Chin

178 | Online Music Lesson Studio Success with Melissa Chin

Music teacher, author, and entrepreneur Melissa Chin (aka Melissa T.) discusses how she supports online students (some as young as three years old!) and their families. In addition, she shares her technology must-haves, how she hosts in-person and virtual recitals, and how the demand for her engaging online services led her to launch Melissa T Music Lessons.com with a growing team of talented music teachers. 
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Episode 177 of the FULL VOICE Podcast: Making Peace with Pricing with Michelle Markwart Deveaux

177 | Making Peace with Pricing with Michelle Markwart Deveaux

Pricing your lessons can be a sensitive topic, particularly for teachers who may struggle with setting prices that reflect the true value of their work. In this episode, business coach and founder of the Speakeasy Cooperative, Michelle Markwart Deveaux shares her insights on overcoming those pricing challenges and achieving "pricing peace." In episode 177, She discusses why fair, living-wage lesson pricing is important and practical tips for setting prices that align with your business goals.
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FULL VOICE Podcast 176 Accompanying Young Singers with Linda Fletcher

176| Accompanying Young Singers with Linda Fletcher

There are many considerations for accompanists supporting young voices. Award-winning private teacher, choral director, and composer Linda Fletcher shares her decades of experience with essential reminders for teachers and accompanists working with the youngest singers as they take to the stage for their first performances.
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FULL VOICE Podcast Episode 175 with Karen Michaels

175 | 2023 Social Media Update with Karen Michaels

Social Media Expert Karen Michaels shares new trends and best practices for using social media to promote your teaching studio. Highlights include simple strategies for many platforms and good news about how often you have to post to be effective.
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Full Voice Podcast 174 Teach Music Online with Carly Watson

174 | Teach Music Online with Carly Walton

Years before the pandemic, Carly Walton moved her busy piano studio online. Teaching her students while traveling the world with her family, she discovered the opportunities available to the online teacher. Today she shares her expertise and skills in her Teach Music Online community and podcast. In episode 174, Carly talks about online pedagogy, marketing, and life balance.
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Episode 173 of the FULL VOICE podcast with Donna Rhodenizer

173 | Rounds and Canons with Donna Rhodenizer

Fun Fact! Rounds and canons are powerful teaching tools with endless opportunities for students of all ages. in episode 173, Music education specialist and children's composer Donna Rhodenizer shares her favourite rounds and teaching strategies to help all singers discover the joy of singing in harmony.
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episode 172 Creativity Coaching with Jessica Baldwin

172| Creative Coaching with Jessica Baldwin

Jessica Baldwin is a life coach for singers, an indie-soul singer-songwriter, and a popular musics voice specialist. Her journey as an artist led to the creation of her business, True Colors Voice and Artist Coaching, which provides trauma-informed life, creativity, and voice coaching to singer-artists to help them courageously come out of hiding, get clearer about their artist identity and vibrantly be the artists they want to be. In episode 172, Jessica shares some creative coaching exercises she may use with her clients.
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