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FULL VOICE Music Podcast

A podcast for voice teachers. Sharing pedagogy, business strategies, and best practices for your voice studio.

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The FULL VOICE Podcast is part of the NATSCast network.
The official podcast network of the National Association of Teachers of Singing.

Our Latest Podcasts

A picture of a woman laughing with firery red hair and the caption Raising Your Rates with Dr. Bethany Turpin

Raising Your Rates with Dr. Bethany Turpin

Teachers lose sleep worrying about what would happen if they raise rates even with a slight increase. What would happen if you DOUBLED your rates? Bethany did the math and discovered that she needed a significant increase to make a living. Did it work out for her? Did she lose all her students?... Listen to the season eight premiere episode and find out!
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186 | Season Seven Recap Episode

Season Seven of the FULL VOICE Podcast was an incredible year of interviews and teacher takeaways. Business, Pedagogy, Repertoire recommendations, and so much more. Inspired teachers share their stories and best practices for voice professionals. If you are new to the podcast or need a quick bite of teaching inspiration. Check out this season seven recap episode.
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Podcast episode with Dr. Shannon Coates

185 | The Changing Landscape of Vocal Pedagogy with Dr. Shannon Coates

In our season finale, friend and colleague Dr. Shannon Coates (who was in person for this interview) discusses the changing landscape of vocal pedagogy and shares some helpful pithy vocal pedagogy slogans that will inspire you to abandon some of your teaching philosophies. And - that's a wrap! Thank you to all our season seven […]
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184 | A.I. for Music Teachers with Karen Michaels

Social media expert Karen Michaels shares practical uses and helpful resources for music teachers using AI.
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Pedagogy for Whole Humans with Liz Jackson Hearns

183 | Voice Pedagogy for Whole Humans with Liz Jackson Hearns

Liz Jackson Hearns, the co-founder and owner of the Voice Lab in Chicago, talks about her journey and the changes to her business model that allowed her to create a voice studio that honoured both students and teachers. The mission of the Voice Lab is to "provide high-quality, personalized education for students, a fair and joyful working environment for staff, leadership, and training for teachers, and a place where community members can be accepted as themselves." Liz also shares details about the upcoming "Pedagogy for Whole Humans" event from July 1st to 3rd.
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Episode 182 of the FULL VOICE Podcast

182 | National Student Auditions with Alisa Belflower & Karen Brunssen

NATS members Alisa Belflower and Karen Brunssen share the exciting details about the new genres and the Children and Youth Categories that will be available as part of the NATS National Student Audition program. Discover new opportunities for your students to perform for professional adjudication.
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181 | Self-Publishing with Nikki Loney

In episode 181, Nikki shares a behind-the-scenes look at the FULL VOICE Music team's tools, software, and platforms used to create and distribute their products. You will find this episode inspiring if you are a music creator interested in publishing print or digital products!
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180| Mentoring Young Songwriters with Charlotte Martin

With decades of experience as a singer-songwriter, pianist, and teaching artist, Charlotte Martin is the perfect mentor for aspiring singers who want to hone their skills as songwriters. Her poetic lyrics, powerful voice, and dynamic performances have earned her a loyal following, and she has helped countless students discover their unique voices and express themselves […]
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