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FULL VOICE Music Podcast

A podcast for voice teachers. Sharing pedagogy, business strategies, and best practices for your voice studio.

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The FULL VOICE Podcast is part of the NATSCast network.
The official podcast network of the National Association of Teachers of Singing.

Our Latest Podcasts

Amelia Carr episode 193

193| Addressing Performance Anxiety with Amelia Carr

Our special guest is Amelia Carr, an accomplished performer, vocal coach, and singing teacher based in London, UK. Amelia focuses her expertise on coaching children and young singers in the professional musical theatre industry. With a specialized emphasis on performance anxiety, she brings forth a wealth of experience in this field, having recently concluded an […]
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Episode 192 of the FULL VOICE Podcast.

192 | Selling Sheet Music with Garrett Breeze

In episode 192 of the FULL VOICE Podcast, our guest is Nashville composer and arranger Garrett Breeze, renowned for his extensive catalog of contemporary choral and competitive show choir music. Garrett discusses his journey, creative process, and how he thrives in this unique musical niche. We also dive into his resources for composers, arrangers, and […]
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Tweens 'n Teens Songbook composer Nicky Phillips

Tweens ‘n Teens Songbook with Nicky Phillips

https://soundcloud.com/thefullvoice/nicky-phillips Episode 191 of the FULL VOICE Podcast features musical theatre repertoire for young(ish) performers with Nicky Phillips, co-creator of the Tweens n’ Teens Songbook. Nicky discusses the inspiration and creative process behind this project. Nicky shares details about her successful online voice studio and gives FULL VOICE Podcast listeners a preview of the exciting […]
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Celebrating Students and Student Retention

190 | Celebrating Students and Student Retention

In service-oriented or membership-based businesses, (such as music schools), there is a natural ebb and flow of students. However, some students remain engaged for significantly longer, sometimes spanning years to decades. Is there a magic formula that keeps students with us for extended periods of time? Nikki shares her recent visit to Ontario to see […]
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189 | Nurturing Your Inner Artist with Sarah Rockwood

“Student-led learning and teaching is easier when you have a rich artistic personal life because the ego is already fed on a much healthier diet and therefore can disentangle from the student’s progress.” Artistic Embodiment Coach Sarah Rockwood discusses the importance of celebrating and nurturing our artistic selves. Sarah also offers straightforward techniques for rekindling […]
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Paying it Forward with Your Pricing with Michelle Markwart Deveaux

188 | Paying it Forward with Your Pricing with Michelle Markwart Deveaux

Business expert Michelle Markwart Deveaux discusses "Paying it Forward," or pricing our singing services in a way that not only supports us but also allows teachers to make a meaningful impact.
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A picture of a woman laughing with firery red hair and the caption Raising Your Rates with Dr. Bethany Turpin

Raising Your Rates with Dr. Bethany Turpin

Teachers lose sleep worrying about what would happen if they raise rates even with a slight increase. What would happen if you DOUBLED your rates? Bethany did the math and discovered that she needed a significant increase to make a living. Did it work out for her? Did she lose all her students?... Listen to the season eight premiere episode and find out!
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186 | Season Seven Recap Episode

Season Seven of the FULL VOICE Podcast was an incredible year of interviews and teacher takeaways. Business, Pedagogy, Repertoire recommendations, and so much more. Inspired teachers share their stories and best practices for voice professionals. If you are new to the podcast or need a quick bite of teaching inspiration. Check out this season seven recap episode.
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