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Our Latest Episodes

Season 6 Promo 13

In Podcast 163, Yoga and Meditation teacher Steve Ferrell helps us all find simple moments of presence and mindfulness during this busy time of year. Then, website design expert Angela Winter discusses the deep work clients need to do to develop a beautiful, functional website that works.

FULL VOICE Podcast episode 162

Donna Rhodenizer talks about connecting with students so teachers can discover better repertoire choices for young singers. She also discusses the challenges of getting students to perform after a long hiatus. Next, Takenya Battle shares new online teaching platforms developed for online music lessons and how she helps families make the switch. Finally, Karen Michaels gives us an overview and best practices for using TikTok as a business tool. Fabulous guests and timely topics on episode 162 of the FULL VOICE Podcast.

161 | 5 Business Game Changers

Looking back on your teaching career, what would you have done differently? Where did you get stuck? What caused you the most (unnecessary) suffering? In episode 161, Nikki shares her top five game-changing decisions that significantly impacted business, family, and life balance.

160 | Self Acceptance and Self Expansion, Inspiring Musicianship Skills

In episode 160 Jessica Baldwin shares an inside look at the work in creativity coaching, namely self-acceptance, and self-expansion. Brenda Earle Stokes talks about identifying the performer’s goals and needs and how she inspires musicianship in all her students. 

Multiple Revenue Streams with Michelle Markwart Deveaux

Most talented music professionals wear many hats to earn a substantial income. Michelle Markwart Deveaux talks about how teachers can be strategic in creating multiple revenue streams within their teaching studios, creating earning opportunities and life balance.

158 | Trauma-Informed Voice Care with Megan Durham

Megan Durham is a voice teacher, singing voice specialist, and trauma-informed voice care facilitator. In episode 158 Megan defines trauma and how trauma can show up in our bodies and in our studios. Megan outlines helpful resources and action steps for teachers looking for more information about trauma-informed voice care.

157 | When Student Won’t Sing, Branding Bootcamp, The Sinuses

In episode 157, Nikki shares why students (of all ages) may not be ready to sing in their lessons and how we can best support them. Next, studio Marketing and Branding expert Sara Campbell discusses branding strategies unique to our industry and how music teachers can stand out from their competition. Finally, Heather Nelson gives us an anatomy lesson about the sinuses.

156 | Improvisation for Young Singers, Business Newsletters

In episode 156, FULL VOICE co-creator Mim Adams shares fun and straightforward singing activities and resources for introducing improvisation skills to young singers. Social Media Expert Karen Michaels discusses the business strategy of newsletters, including how to repurpose your social media content.

Season 6 Promo FOR HEIDI 29

Dog Lovers! If you are a music teacher with a home studio AND a canine pet – this interview is for you (but mostly your dog!) Dog trainer Tracy Franken shares insight on the nature of dogs and simple strategies to help our pets in and out of our professional spaces.

Season 6 Promo FOR HEIDI 26

In episode 154, Michelle Markwart Deveaux discusses the difference between online and brick and mortar businesses, specifically for teachers transitioning to online lessons offerings. Phyllis Horridge talks about managers and agents and how teachers can productively work with them. Nikki shares successful online group performance opportunities for vocalists of all ages.

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