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FULL VOICE Music Podcast

A podcast for voice teachers. Sharing pedagogy, business strategies, and best practices for your voice studio.

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The FULL VOICE Podcast is part of the NATSCast network.
The official podcast network of the National Association of Teachers of Singing.

Our Latest Podcasts

episode 172 Creativity Coaching with Jessica Baldwin

172| Creative Coaching with Jessica Baldwin

Jessica Baldwin is a life coach for singers, an indie-soul singer-songwriter, and a popular musics voice specialist. Her journey as an artist led to the creation of her business, True Colors Voice and Artist Coaching, which provides trauma-informed life, creativity, and voice coaching to singer-artists to help them courageously come out of hiding, get clearer about their artist identity and vibrantly be the artists they want to be. In episode 172, Jessica shares some creative coaching exercises she may use with her clients.
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Picture of Karen Michaels at piano with title Performing National Anthems and episode 171

171 | Performing National Anthems with Karen Michaels

Singing national anthems at events is a unique and high-pressure performance experience. Seasoned performer and voice teacher Karen Michaels shares essential preparation and performance strategies. Teacher and performer takeaways on episode 171 of the FULL VOICE Podcast.
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Student Engagement & Lesson Pacing podcast poster

170 | Student Engagement & Lesson Pacing

Student engagement and lesson pacing are two aspects of inspired teaching that go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other. Nikki discusses student observation, making connections, and how to organize (or modify) comprehensive voice lessons that make everyone smile.
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169 | Happy Hormones for Learning with Dr. Jenevora Williams

Why does being happy and positive help us to learn better? Voice researcher, author, and internationally renowned pedagogue Dr. Jenevora Williams discusses how to stay positive with your students and enjoy the happy hormone bath in the brain.
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Full Voice Podcast 168

168 | Recital Alternatives with Eden Casteel

Teachers work endlessly to prepare singers for recital performances, yet getting students excited or willing to participate in your formal, seasonal recital can be challenging. Eden Casteel shares inspiration for teachers looking for new ways to celebrate their students and showcase their teaching studios on episode 168 of the FULL VOICE Podcast.
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FULL VOICE Podcast episode 167

167 | Onboarding New Students (Part 2) with Michelle Markwart Deveaux

Michelle Markwart Deveaux discusses discovery calls, trial lessons, initial fit consultations, and how to talk about policies and money with ease and professionalism.
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166 | Onboarding New Students (Part One) with Sara Campbell

Welcome to season 7 of the FULL VOICE Podcast! Marketing and Branding Coach Sara Campbell (Savvy Music Studio) discusses how teachers can use their websites and social media accounts to clarify their offers, find the right clients, and welcome new students into their studios. Business strategies and best practices for your teaching studio! Find and […]
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165 | Organizing Resources with Heidi Heaver {Season Finale}

Organizing teaching materials is no simple task. Printed music, digital files, mp3 tracks, sheet music, music games - even if you get them organized, THEN how best to distribute them to your students so that everyone can enjoy productive lessons? Heidi Heaver is an elementary music teacher with over 30 years of experience. She is also a member of the FULL VOICE Team and is responsible for keeping Nikki organized. (A daunting task indeed!) Heidi shares organizational strategies for teachers in the season finale of season six of the FULL VOICE Podcast.
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