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Singing Lesson
Practice Planner and Journal

Exciting and super-cute music dictation books for young singing students

Not Your Ordinary Music Dictation Books

These practice planners are fun and colorful with uniquely designed pages that keep students on track and working on age-appropriate singing goals. (Our students helped to design these books!) Six unique and kid-friendly designs to choose from. Available worldwide on Amazon.
As a teacher of singing, I LOVE these practice journals!! They have created such motivation and joy for my voice students! The pictures are so cute and funny, the layout is clean and clear. My students really enjoy writing in them, and are more inspired to practice (BIG win!) (Five star Amazon review)

Flexible, Undated Planners

Start at any time of the year! Teachers and students can use planners in many different ways, with oodles of organizational opportunities to help students get the most out of your private voice lessons.

Practice Planners are 7 x 10 with 49 full-color pages. Six kid-requested themes to keep them smiling!

Singing Lesson Practice Planner & Journals are available on AMAZON worldwide.
A page of a practice planner with sections to fill out for young singers
Weekly Schedual of a yound singer in a planner book

Weekly Assignments and Goals

Teachers can help facilitate effective practice habits by outlining what is NEW, what needs REVIEW, and essential things to REMEMBER.

Students can chart their practice minutes, check off completed work, and let teachers know how successful they were singing at home.

Exercises, Theory or Composing

Teachers can use the manuscript to write technical exercises, explore music theory, or allow students to write their music for fun.

This page is from the new Fairy-themed planner.

Feedback and Communication

The weekly pages also include fun spaces for teacher feedback, inspiring instructions, or weekly communications with families

Guilt-free progress feedback

The weekly progress pages use images and funny emojis to help students communicate how well they practice at home by circling the appropriate picture.

This encourages friendly conversations so teachers AND parents can better support the student outside of lessons.

This is from the Funny Dog-themed planner
A page of a practice planner with sections to fill out for young singers
Upcoming performances and recitels page for full voice music planner

Performance and Recital Reminders

Studios are always preparing students for performances big and small.

The planners include two performance/recital reminder pages to inspire students and get them excited and prepared for their performance.

(Hopefully, this page will help reduce last-minute emails from parents with questions about your recital!)

This page is from the Cat-themed planner

Celebrate Musical Accomplishments

Students can journal all the new music words and symbols they are discovering as they learn new repertoire.

New Repertoire Lists

Students and teachers can document all the new music they have learned and memorized. (This helps document progress for parents!)

There is also a list for New SONG IDEAS…helpful when planning for performances.

This page is from the new Kitty unicorn-themed planner.
Upcoming performances and recitels page for full voice music planner

Fun, Kid-Friendly Goals

Inspiring at home singing is easier with kid-friendly goals. The Achievement pages help young vocal students find joy in singing for others.There is a blank page where students and teachers can create unique personal goals and fun opportunities.This page is from the Llama-themed planner. AVAILABLE ON AMAZON WORLDWIDE
My students LOVE their new lesson planner & journals. Great for keeping students engaged & focused during their practice time! – Five Star Review