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FULL VOICE MUSIC creates super-fun and educational resources for young singers. We help spectacular voice teachers working with young singers enjoy fun and productive vocal lessons.

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Our Vocal Teacher Offerings

The fact is, being a music teacher can be time-consuming. We help you get your work-life balance back by providing easy and accessible resources, trainings and content that require less prep time and gives you more time for students. Take a look at our workbooks, teacher training, podcast, lesson plans and more!

Teacher Packages

Save money with teacher packages! Build your teaching library with exciting resources for young singers.
Teacher and kid-tested materials that are guaranteed to see highly productive lessons and student engagement. Happy Singing Indeed!

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The FULL VOICE® Workbook Series

Top Seller in Vocal Singing on amazon.com

Our Workbooks have been tried and tested for over 20 years.

We know you’re a spectacular vocal teacher! We also know that the right music curriculum specialized for young singers can increase Student Retention!

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Episode 192 of the FULL VOICE Podcast.

192 | Selling Sheet Music with Garrett Breeze

In episode 192 of the FULL VOICE Podcast, our guest is Nashville composer and arranger Garrett Breeze, renowned for his extensive catalog of contemporary choral and competitive show choir music. Garrett discusses his journey, creative process, and how he thrives in this unique musical niche. We also dive into his resources for composers, arrangers, and […]
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