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Inspired Vocal Music
Resources for

Young Singers

FULL VOICE MUSIC creates super-fun and educational resources for young singers. We help spectacular voice teachers working with young singers enjoy fun and productive vocal lessons.

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Our Vocal Teacher Offerings

The fact is, being a music teacher can be time-consuming. We help you get your work-life balance back by providing easy and accessible resources, trainings and content that require less prep time and gives you more time for students. Take a look at our workbooks, teacher training, podcast, lesson plans and more!

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The FULL VOICE® Workbook Series

#1 Best Seller in Vocal Singing on amazon.com

Our Workbooks are tried and tested for over 20 years.

We know you’re a spectacular vocal teacher! We also know that the right music curriculum specialized for young singers can increase Student Retention!

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episode 172 Creativity Coaching with Jessica Baldwin

172| Creative Coaching with Jessica Baldwin

Jessica Baldwin is a life coach for singers, an indie-soul singer-songwriter, and a popular musics voice specialist. Her journey as an artist led to the creation of her business, True Colors Voice and Artist Coaching, which provides trauma-informed life, creativity, and voice coaching to singer-artists to help them courageously come out of hiding, get clearer about their artist identity and vibrantly be the artists they want to be. In episode 172, Jessica shares some creative coaching exercises she may use with her clients.
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