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186 | Season Seven Recap Episode

August 22, 2023

Season Seven of the FULL VOICE Podcast was an incredible year of interviews and teacher takeaways. Business, Pedagogy, Repertoire recommendations, and so much more. Inspired teachers share their stories and best practices for voice professionals. If you are new to the podcast or need a quick bite of teaching inspiration. Check out this season seven recap episode.

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Vocal Health for Children Workshop with Dr. Jenevora Williams

Podcasts mentioned:

166 Marketing and Branding Coach Sara Campbell (Savvy Music Studio) discusses how teachers can use their websites and social media accounts to clarify their offers, find the right clients, and welcome new students into their studios. Business strategies and best practices for your teaching studio!
IG @savvymusicstudio

168 Eden Casteel shares inspiration for teachers looking for new ways to celebrate their students and showcase their teaching studios on episode 168 of the FULL VOICE Podcast.

169 Voice researcher, author, and internationally renowned pedagogue Dr. Jenevora Williams discusses how to stay positive with your students and enjoy the happy hormone bath in the brain.

173 Music education specialist and children’s composer Donna Rhodenizer shares her favourite rounds and teaching strategies to help all singers discover the joy of singing in harmony. https://donnaandandy.com/

174 Years before the pandemic, Carly Walton moved her busy piano studio online. Teaching her students while traveling the world with her family, she discovered the opportunities available to the online teacher. Today she shares her expertise and skills in her Teach Music Online community and podcast. https://membership.teachmusic.online/

176 There are many considerations for accompanists supporting young voices. Award-winning private teacher, choral director, and composer Linda Fletcher shares her decades of experience with important reminders for teachers and accompanists working with the youngest singers as they take to the stage for their first performances.

177 In this episode, business coach and founder of the Speakeasy Cooperative, Michelle Markwart Deveaux shares her insights on overcoming those pricing challenges and achieving “pricing peace.” She discusses why fair, living-wage lesson pricing is important and gives practical tips for setting prices that align with your business goals.

178 Music teacher, author, and entrepreneur Melissa Chin (aka Melissa T.) discusses how she supports online students (some as young as three years old!) and their families.  https://www.melissatmusic.com/

179 Do you hear what I hear? Probably not. Nikki and Full Voice Team member Mim Adams discuss foundational music skills of ear-training and audiation exercises for singers. Mim shares teaching strategies for students of all ages to find pitches when singing harmonies.

180 With decades of experience as a singer-songwriter, pianist, and teaching artist, Charlotte Martin is the perfect mentor for aspiring singers who want to hone their skills as songwriters. 

184 Social media expert Karen Michaels shares practical uses and helpful resources for music teachers using AI.