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Online Music Lesson Studio Success with Melissa Chin

178 | Online Music Lesson Studio Success with Melissa Chin

March 17, 2023

Music teacher, author, and entrepreneur Melissa Chin (aka Melissa T.) discusses how she supports online students (some as young as three years old!) and their families. In addition, she shares her technology must-haves, how she hosts in-person and virtual recitals, and how the demand for her engaging online services led her to launch Melissa T Music Lessons.com with a growing team of talented music teachers. 

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About our Guest

Melissa Chin is a singer, songwriter, piano, and vocal instructor and author of My Journey My Music: Beginner Piano Lessons for Kids. She has over 20 years of musical experience in performance and teaching and a Master of Education Degree with a concentration in Counseling Psychology. You can find My Journey My Music on Amazon Worldwide.