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169 | Happy Hormones for Learning with Dr. Jenevora Williams

October 14, 2022

Happy hormones for learning looks at the question, “why does being happy and positive help us to learn better?” Voice researcher, author, and internationally renowned pedagogue Dr. Jenevora Williams discusses how to stay positive with your students and enjoy the happy hormone bath in the brain.

Dr. Jenevora Williams is a leading exponent in the field of vocal health and singing teaching. After a successful career in Opera, Jenevora turned her attention to investigating healthy and efficient vocal function. The combination of academic study and practical experience has resulted in a unique perception for understanding the human voice. She was the first singing teacher to be awarded a PhD in voice science in the UK, and won the 2010 BVA Van Lawrence Prize for her outstanding contribution to voice research. Her book, Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults, has been enormously popular with singing teachers throughout the world. She is well-known for her imaginative and rigorous training courses for singing teachers in the UK, the US and Europe. As a teacher of singing, she works with professional singers of all ages, as well as working in and training teachers for Vocal Rehabilitation for BAPAM and the NHS.

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