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Full Voice Podcast 174 Teach Music Online with Carly Watson

174 | Teach Music Online with Carly Walton

January 20, 2023

Years before the pandemic, Carly Walton moved her busy piano studio online. Teaching her students while traveling the world with her family, she discovered the opportunities available to the online teacher. Today she shares her expertise and skills in her Teach Music Online community and podcast. In episode 174, Carly talks about online pedagogy, marketing, and life balance.

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Podcast: Teach Music Online Podcast with Carly Walton

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About Carly:

Carly Walton is from Mesa, Arizona, and currently lives near Salt Lake City, Utah, with her husband and four daughters.  She studied piano at Berklee College of Music in Boston. After finishing her degree in Boston, she opened a piano studio in Arizona and taught choral music in local charter schools. In 2013, after some of her piano students moved out of state, she decided to experiment with teaching piano lessons online. Carly shifted her studio exclusively online in 2017, which allowed her to travel to 15 countries with her husband and baby girl- all while still teaching! In 2018, Carly began developing business and tech courses for instrumental music teachers to help them build a global online music studio. Since then, she has created several courses focusing on digital marketing, website building, and online course creation. Her courses have been used by teachers worldwide, and her online community has grown to 10,000+ teachers. Her favorite topics to teach and coach include technology for online teaching, mindset for business growth, online teaching engagement, and digital marketing for studios. In addition to her membership community, she enjoys interviewing other experts for her weekly podcast, the Teach Music Online Podcast.