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Children’s Songs of Praise (Book)

Children’s Songs of Praise (Book)


12 Songs of Praise and Worship for Young Singers A collection of sacred songs for young singers by Linda Fletcher. Suitable for solo, duet, and choral performances. Includes optional harmonies and additional parts for C instrument soloists.

This collection includes the following songs:

  • God of Creation
  • Breathe Your Cares Away
  • Jesus Calls Us All Today
  • Prayer of Thanks
  • Working Together
  • Prayer for a Child
  • A Communion Prayer
  • Softly Now
  • Let Us Sing
  • A Song of Sharing
  • Little Lord Jesus, We Love You
  • Wonderful, Radiant Star

Age Level: 12 and under

Voicings: 2-part, 3-part, choral, harmony, optional 2-part, solo, unison

Teaching Focus: Beginners, Expressive Singing, Harmony, High notes, RCM