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FULL VOICE Podcast 179 Do you hear what I hear?

179 | Do You Hear What I Hear? with Mim Adams

March 31, 2023


Do you hear what I hear? Probably not. Nikki and Full Voice Team member Mim Adams discuss foundational music skills of ear-training and audiation exercises for singers. Mim shares teaching strategies for students of all ages to find pitches when singing harmonies. Nikki and Mim share details and activities from the new release, Songs and Studies for Kids! Introductory B.

You can find new Songs and Studies for Kids! Introductory B on our website and on Amazon worldwide!

Mim is dedicated to empowering singers, helping them feel confident with their voice and musicianship. Co-developing FULL VOICE Music resources allows her to share her years of experience and to dig into those nitty-gritty details of music engraving she loves so much. She regularly works with children, adults, and post-secondary students in lessons and choirs, and she continues to perform with various ensembles, including her longest-running project Canary Mine which features some of her original songs.