Sample Pages: Sight Singing Superhero and Vocal Warm-Ups & Technical Exercises for Kids!

We want YOU to be sure our resources complement your voice lessons.

Try these free sample pages with your students and see how they keep students engaged, smiling, and singing!

This instant download includes:

A kid-friendly warm up is more than just singing by rote.

These flexible resources make vocal study visual and fun for young singers. Choose the one-page exercise that is perfect for your student right now. Exercises include:

  • Tonic Sol-fa (solfège)
  • Practicing rhythms
  • Intervals
  • Sight singing
  • Vowel exercises
  • Triad and arpeggio exercises
  • Introduction to Harmonic Minor

About this PDF:

12 pages, 8.5×11”

Download will open in your browser for viewing and saving the file.

  • My young students LOVE the Full Voice resources! Current favorites are ‘Sight Singing Super Hero,’ ‘Vocal Studies for Kids,’ and the songs ‘I Will Be There’ and ‘Be Kind.’

  • I love this book of warmups/exercises. I love how it’s organized by type of exercise, and I love how friendly it is for young and developing singers. I appreciate that it allows for a lot of flexibility. AND I love that the book includes the exercises that students are required to do for the early level RCM vocal exams. Thanks for such a great resource!

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