Sample Pages: FULL VOICE Workbook Series

We want YOU to be sure our resources complement your voice lessons.

Try these free sample pages with your students and see how they keep students engaged, smiling, and singing!

This instant download includes:

Are you looking for a fun and effective way to teach young singers?

With the FULL VOICE Student Workbooks, you can be sure your students will enjoy your lessons and learn valuable skills while teachers and parents can celebrate their accomplishments.

Every FULL VOICE Workbook Includes:

  • Technical Exercises
  • Tonic Sol-fa (Solfège) Exercises
  • Ear Training
  • Rhythm Reading
  • Sight Singing
  • Theory
  • Performance Assessments

About this PDF:

26 pages, 8.5×11”, Third Edition

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  • Nikki and Mim have created something truly outstanding with the Full Voice series—I am a total convert to these books and incorporating them into my lessons with my littles and beginner adults alike… The resources on the website—both free and for purchase—are tremendous, and I am more excited about my teaching than I have been in a long time. So happy to have found Full Voice!

  • My students LOVE to use their Full Voice books. I’ve tried many theory books and workbooks, but nothing has worked so well and so painlessly. The pacing is excellent and not overwhelming for newcomers and I love the mixture of exercise types. My students are improving their skills and building a relationship with music theory in which they can feel confident and excited. My absolute favorite!

  • I was so touched this past week when one of my students brought in a song she had written using the skills she learned from the Full Voice Workbooks. It was a proud teacher moment for sure!

  • I started using FULL VOICE with my private voice students a couple of months ago. I have taught beginning voice for many years and have used many different resources. These workbooks explain things extremely well and my students love them!

  • This set of books plus the online materials on have been invaluable in the children’s vocal music class I am teaching. The kids love the materials, and so do I. Even the 7 and 8 year old kids understand the theory, because it is so clearly explained in small steps. I will be ordering the next level books as soon as we finish the intro level. Thank you!!!

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