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FULL VOICE Music Podcast

A podcast for voice teachers. Sharing pedagogy, business strategies, and best practices for your voice studio.

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Our Latest Podcasts

158 | Trauma-Informed Voice Care with Megan Durham

Megan Durham is a voice teacher, singing voice specialist, and trauma-informed voice care facilitator. In episode 158 Megan defines trauma and how trauma can show up in our bodies and in our studios. Megan outlines helpful resources and action steps for teachers looking for more information about trauma-informed voice care.
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157 | When Student Won’t Sing, Branding Bootcamp, The Sinuses

In episode 157, Nikki shares why students (of all ages) may not be ready to sing in their lessons and how we can best support them. Next, studio Marketing and Branding expert Sara Campbell discusses branding strategies unique to our industry and how music teachers can stand out from their competition. Finally, Heather Nelson gives us an anatomy lesson about the sinuses.
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156 | Improvisation for Young Singers, Business Newsletters

In episode 156, FULL VOICE co-creator Mim Adams shares fun and straightforward singing activities and resources for introducing improvisation skills to young singers. Social Media Expert Karen Michaels discusses the business strategy of newsletters, including how to repurpose your social media content.
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155 | Dogs in the Music Studio with Tracy Franken

Dog Lovers! If you are a music teacher with a home studio AND a canine pet - this interview is for you (but mostly your dog!) Dog trainer Tracy Franken shares insight on the nature of dogs and simple strategies to help our pets in and out of our professional spaces.
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154 | Online vs Brick/Mortar Business

In episode 154, Michelle Markwart Deveaux discusses the difference between online and brick and mortar businesses, specifically for teachers transitioning to online lessons offerings. Phyllis Horridge talks about managers and agents and how teachers can productively work with them. Nikki shares successful online group performance opportunities for vocalists of all ages.
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153 | Book Recommendations for Voice Teachers

We welcome 2022 with expert book recommendations for voice teachers. If the holidays brought you a gift card or two and you need some inspiration for your book library, we know you will enjoy this show. A big thank you to all our expert guests and to our listeners who tune in to our show. Nikki and the team from FULL VOICE Music wish you a happy and prosperous new year!
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152 | Microphones, 2022 NATS Convention, Ages and Stages of the Child Singer

In episode 152, Musician, sound engineer (and sound editor of the FULL VOICE Podcast), Shawn Trotter talks about microphones and sound systems for singing teachers. Then, NATS Executive Director Allen Henderson shares the exciting details about the 2022 NATS Convention in Chicago, and Dana Lentini talks about children's different ages and stages in voice lessons.
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151 | Coaching Contemporary Artists, "Lazy Students", Crafting your I AM Statement, Improving Instructional Cues

In Episode 151, Jessica Baldwin returns to discuss the 5 Most Surprising Things About Popular Music for teachers new to the genre. Shannon Coates challenges us to rethink our approach with the students who are not practicing. Takenya Battle discusses the I AM statement to help teachers define their marketing messages, and Yoga and Meditation teacher Steve Farrell helps us understand why some students may not be following our instructional cues.
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