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FULL VOICE Music Podcast

A podcast for voice teachers. Sharing pedagogy, business strategies, and best practices for your voice studio.

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The FULL VOICE Podcast is part of the NATSCast network.
The official podcast network of the National Association of Teachers of Singing.

Our Latest Podcasts

151 | Coaching Contemporary Artists, “Lazy Students”, Crafting your I AM Statement, Improving Instructional Cues

In Episode 151, Jessica Baldwin returns to discuss the 5 Most Surprising Things About Popular Music for teachers new to the genre. Shannon Coates challenges us to rethink our approach with the students who are not practicing. Takenya Battle discusses the I AM statement to help teachers define their marketing messages, and Yoga and Meditation teacher Steve Farrell helps us understand why some students may not be following our instructional cues.
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150 | Warm-Ups, Monologues, Instagram Updates, and Breathing Challenges

In episode 150, Shannon Coates challenges teachers to rethink the warm-up part of a lesson. Voice and acting teacher Phyllis Horridge talks about preparing monologues. Social media expert Karen Michaels shares the new IG updates, and Vocologist Heather Nelson discusses teaching singers with breathing challenges.
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149 | Feel the Beat: Rhythm Activities for Singers, Debunking Myths: Practicing

In episode 149, Nikki talks with Full Voice Music team member Mim Adams about foundational rhythm activities for singers of all ages. Then, Dr. Shannon Coates challenges teachers to redefine what successful practicing can look like for students.
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148 | Partner Lessons, Debunking Myths in Voice Ped, NATS Opportunities, The Voice Culture Podcast

In episode #148, Nikki talks about partner lessons both in-person and online. Shannon Coates is helping us debunk some of the long-standing myths in vocal pedagogy. Executive director of NATS, Allen Henderson, outlines the upcoming opportunities within the NATS organization. Finally, Nikki shares a clip from her conversation with Brian Lee and Justin Petersen of The Voice Culture Podcast.
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147 | Finding Your Authentic Voice, Small Group Vocal Classes

In podcast 147, Popular Musics Specialist and creativity coach Jessica Baldwin talks about finding your authentic, artistic voice. Dana Lentini discusses the opportunities in offering beginner group vocal classes.
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146 | Business Boundaries, Finding Ideal Client, Halloween Fun

In episode 146, Michelle Markwart Deveaux talks about setting and enforcing your business boundaries. Technology expert Takenya Battle using your website and social media for finding your ideal client. Nikki chats with composer Donna Rhodenizer about using the Halloween theme in your studio or classroom.
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145 | First Solos, Monologues, Alt Text and Breathing Pedagogy

In episode 145, Nikki talks about age-appropriate first solos for young singers. Voice Teacher and actor Phyllis Horridge shares strategies for finding monologues for all ages. Social Media expert Karen Michaels talks about best practices for using alt text on images for your website and social media posting. Dr. Heather Nelson shares mindful considerations on breathing pedagogy for singers.
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144 | Inspired Teaching with Ann Baltz

The sixth season of the FULL VOICE Podcast kicks off with an in-depth interview with creator/director/educator/pianist Ann Baltz. Ann shares her holistic teaching philosophy and strategies for using clear language and positive observations to move students to their performance goals.
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