FULL VOICE Student Workbook – Level One

Encourage confident singing skills while discovering elementary music concepts.

For students ages 8 to 10 who are new to singing lessons, and younger singers with previous music experience or who have completed the Introductory Level.


Level One introduces/reviews:

  • the tonic sol-fa (solfege) system with hand signs
  • quarter, half, dotted half, and whole notes and rests
  • notes on the treble staff
  • major triad
  • sight singing in C Major

New concepts in Level One:

  • beamed eighth notes
  • intervals

Every FULL VOICE Workbook Includes:

  • 20 Lessons and four graded reviews
  • Technical Exercises
  • Sol-fa/Solfège Exercises
  • Ear Training
  • Rhythm Reading
  • Sight Singing
  • Music Theory
  • Performance Assessments

Compare all four workbook levels

About this book:

56 pages, 8.5×11”, Third Edition

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  • Full Voice Curriculum has been extremely beneficial for the voice program at our Music School. For years, we struggled to find the appropriate teaching materials for our vocal students. When introduced to Full Voice, I knew it was the perfect fit! Since incorporating Full Voice curriculum and suggested repertoire in our school, our retention of vocal students has more than doubled! The students love the lesson plans, weekly worksheets, the warm-ups, and sight reading. Full Voice makes voice lessons fun!

  • I cannot speak highly enough of The Full Voice. I first started looking for a theory program for my singers, and when I found the workbooks I was amazed. I LOVE that they incorporate sight reading, ear training, and valuable information for singers. My students LOVE working on theory and don’t hate the homework I give them because it’s fun and compact.

  • My students LOVE to use their Full Voice books. I’ve tried many theory books and workbooks, but nothing has worked so well and so painlessly. The pacing is excellent and not overwhelming for newcomers and I love the mixture of exercise types. My students are improving their skills and building a relationship with music theory in which they can feel confident and excited. My absolute favorite!

  • The music conservatory I work with in Colorado has jumped on the bandwagon full force – we are purchasing the workbooks and are implementing The Full Voice as our main method for young singers. Since we have ‘announced this’ we’ve had two more kiddos sign up for lessons… Thank you so so much for all the work you have done!!!!! Amazing!

  • I have been teaching from these books for 3 years now. Excellent teaching and learning ability incorporated into these books. The methods teach both voice and the basics of music theory and get the students wanting to learn. I have officially incorporated these books (all levels) into our Music Academy and have my teaching staff using them as well.

  • This book series is great for my vocal students. I have a 12 year old and a 14 year old using Level One, so don’t let the suggested age limit you. The lessons are engaging, the singers are learning music theory and really enjoying themselves!