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Young Girl Singing while learning vocal studies

Songs and Studies for Kids!

An exciting new songbook series for young singers! Celebrate the child singer with play-based learning and vocal exploration.

About the Series

The Songs and Studies for Kids! series is developed for your youngest singing students who are discovering singing. They master new concepts when they learn through exploration and play; every activity and song in this series offers play-based learning opportunities.

Each level includes:

  • Solfège Studies for vocal discovery and introductory music concepts
  • First Song Adventures crafted specially for young singers to enjoy
  • Lyric and exploration pages for each song
  • Fun illustrations to peak imagination (yes, they can colour them too!)
  • Backing tracks with and without melody guides (available separately)
  • Downloadable PDF with reproducible license to make copies for students (available separately)

Sample of Skateboard Dinos activity page with arrows pointing to details mentioned.

Solfège Studies

These short singing activities use Moveable DO and are perfect for learning, reviewing, warming up, or just for fun. We highly recommend using the hand signs; this physical activity helps students develop pitch accuracy and independent singing skills. They are best learned and performed without piano accompaniment.

How Solfège Studies work

 Students warm-up by reviewing major scale patterns they are familiar with.

 Simple melodic patterns are introduced and reviewed using solfège syllables. We recommend singing with and without handsigns.

 Those patterns are introduced on the music staff. Engaging lyrics and story are combined with the solfège syllables.

 Additional foundational music activities can be introduced and reviewed in each study. These activities often introduce music symbols to assist in learning to follow the score.

Skateboard Dinos and Space Cats are from Introductory A!

Sample of Space Cats activity page with arrows pointing to details mentioned.

Song Adventures

The easy-to-learn songs are delightful compositions by FULL VOICE composers. Presented as sheet music, simplified lead sheets, and lyric sheets, they allow students to follow the appropriate score as they begin their music-reading journey. Singing these approachable Song Adventures helps to prepare young vocalists for longer, more challenging repertoire.

How Song Adventures work: activities

 Every song includes a page of song study activities so students can warm up and prepare for each song.

 Lyrics are printed separately for lyric discovery activities and for students who are not ready to follow the music score.

Samples of Space Cats score pages with arrows pointing to details mentioned.

How Song Adventures work: music scores

 Full piano score for students who are ready to perform with the piano accompaniment.

 Simplified leadsheets for students who are new to following a score.

 Backing Tracks (sold separately) include piano accompaniment, and more! Melody guide tracks give support for at-home practice, and BONUS band tracks make performances exciting.

Compare Each Level

Introductory A

✔️ Developed for students ages 6 to 8 who are new to music lessons and are developing pitch accuracy.

✔️ Solfège Studies are introductory with activities based on listening.

✔️ Song Adventures have repetitive melodies so they can be easily memorized.

Songs and Studies for Kids! Introductory B

Introductory B

✔️ Developed for students ages 6 to 10 who have previous singing lesson or performance experience, or who have completed Songs and Studies for Kids! Introductory A.

✔️ Solfège Studies involve looking at the score more closely and offer opportunities for creativity.

✔️ Song Adventures are longer with more melody variations.

How to Use Songs and Studies for Kids! Resources

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Composing with kids Space Cat SongsDo your students LOVE the Space Cats from Introductory A? Explore writing and performing melodies with your students using the ideas in our blog, and our FREE Space Cat themed flashcards.

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