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Songs and Studies for Kids! Introductory B (Digital PDF)

Songs and Studies for Kids! Introductory B (Digital PDF)

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Digital PDF with reproducible license.

Songs and Studies for Kids! series celebrates the child singer with simple, fun-to-sing activities incorporating play-based vocal exploration. Featuring music written by Ben Bowen, Linda Fletcher, Glyn Lehmann, and Donna Rhodenizer, this level was developed for students ages six and up who have completed Introductory A or have lesson or performance experience. 

The Introductory B Level Includes:
Solfège Studies:
These short singing exercises incorporate both solfège and lyrics.  Solfège Studies are best learned and performed without piano accompaniment.

  • Pizza "DO" (Remembering the Pitch of DO)
  • Ducks in a Row (Singing the Major Scale)
  • Snowy Reindeer (Singing SO and High DO)
  • Yoga Foxes (Singing and Moving)
  • Forest Adventures (Composing Forest Adventure Songs)
  • Baby Bear (Singing Stepping Notes)

Song Adventures:
These engaging, easy-to-learn songs have been crafted for young singers to enjoy while developing independent singing skills and pitch accuracy.

  • Dragon Tea Party
  • Because
  • Wolf in the Forest
  • Los Pollitos
  • Quokka Smiles and Crocodiles
  • Here Comes the Train
  • Be Kind

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