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Full Voice Music Blog

Welcome to the FULL VOICE Music Teacher Blog! We are passionate about sharing great resources and inspirational articles for the inspired vocal music teacher (that’s YOU!) Your comments and ideas are always welcome.

Our Latest Posts

Death to the 30-Minute Lesson

DEATH to the 30-minute Music Lesson

December 28, 2019 
Not long ago, it was standard practice to teach short half-hour lessons. Times have changed. Short lessons might not be serving you or your students.
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Assertive Confident woman with muscles pictured behind her

Assertive Communication for Teachers

June 27, 2019 

Assertive communication isn't about being rude. It is a style of communication that is professional and healthy. It is not a skill we are born with but a form of communication that requires attention and practice. 

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Hosting Recitals


May 13, 2019 
This event reflects your business, and making music is supposed to be fun – right? Make everyone feel comfortable and appreciated at your next recital.
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How to compete with after-school programs

[5+ Tips] How to Compete with After School Programs (and win!)

August 1, 2018 

Private music teachers/private music lessons compete with other after school programs and the competition is intense!  Sports, Dance, Arts, Clubs...There are so many activities...  How do you ensure that families make music lessons a priority in their busy schedules?

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Why Singers Need to Move – By Christin Coffee Rondeau

March 29, 2018 

We all know that clean, crisp movements work best on stage. But they can be intimidating to practice, leading to the bent elbows and small, half-hearted gestures we teachers know and loathe. If we were to develop a studio culture of intentional movement and creative exploration, I wonder: would our students begin to see themselves as naturally rhythmic people? Would they develop a greater sense of spatial awareness? Would they carry themselves--on stage and off--with more grace and confidence?

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Voice Lessons for the SUPER YOUNG singers! by Christin Coffee Rondeau

July 7, 2017 

"A lesson for a young student looks different from a traditional lesson...with very young musicians the goal is creative play rather than traditional voice study."

Music educator and Guest Blogger, Christin Coffee Rondeau shares 10 fun ideas to engage the little (little) singers! (because they are ready for voice lessons!)

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5 Reasons Why Your Voice Students are Not Practicing

September 10, 2016 

Practicing is a challenge for all music students. For beginner voice students there are some issues unique to the singing instrument that can be holding them back. Here are five situations that often prevent our students from singing at home. (With easy strategies to help them get to work!)

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5 Ideas for Fun Summer Voice Lessons

April 10, 2016 

It’s April - but summer is just a few months away. If you haven’t started planning your amazing summer teaching schedule – you may find yourself with a Swiss cheese schedule (holes everywhere – get it?)
With some creative planning, your summer schedule can be full of new opportunities (and new students!)

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Private Music Teachers: How to Get Paid ON TIME!

September 14, 2015 

Do Families forget to pay for their lessons?  How can you make it easy for your families to pay you on time without the awkward conversation? There is a simple solution.

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