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[5+ Tips] How to Compete with After School Programs (and win!)

August 1, 2018


Private music teachers/private music lessons compete with other after school programs and the competition is intense!  Sports, Dance, Arts, Clubs… MATHNASIUMS (People are making math FUN!?) There are so many activities…

How do you ensure that families make music lessons a priority in their busy schedules?

1.  Make Your Students Feel Special. We have the “one on one” relationship – Sometimes we are the only one on one relationship a child has each week. Enjoy it and work with it. Give students your complete attention. Discover what makes them smile. Help them to find great music that they connect with! Make sure they leave every lesson with that smile.

1a)  Make Parents feel Appreciated.  They are your clients and they are just as important as your students. Don’t treat them poorly.  Make sure they feel appreciated and welcome in your teaching studio.

2.  Be Super Organized. Have your teaching year of rehearsals/recitals/events booked now or as far ahead as possible. Letting families know well in advance (and remind them often) will help them to plan for your studio’s events. Organized families will love you for this and it will prevent last minute drop outs!

2a) Make it Easy for People to Do Business With You. Update your website. Streamline and update policies. Use a professional online scheduler (We recommend Mymusicstaff) and accept credit card payments.

3.  Give All Students the Opportunities to Shine. Friendly, non competitive recitals or themed recitals, workshops, coffee house type performances where all students can really show their stuff. In lesson recitals are great too! Try small ensembles or harmony work with other singers. (Great for building community within your teaching studio.)

4.  Make your Recitals AWESOME. Boring recitals are a drag! Play up tempo music when people arrive. Have a draw for a prize. Have a guest performer. Families will be happy to choose an inspiring music recital over a soccer/hockey practice any day. Check out our podcast about Hosting the BEST RECITAL EVER!

5.  Acknowledge their Accomplishments. Perhaps your studio can celebrate a “student of the month”. Many teachers are embracing social media with professional facebook and instagram pages where students can be recognized (With parents permission of course!) Get to know the parents (see past article on phantom parents) and let them know about their child’s accomplishments too. Parents appreciate the positive feedback and will support their child’s future efforts (and your teaching studio).

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