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May 13, 2015

Music recitals are just around the corner. Yearly recitals are an important part of running a successful music studio. An organized, fun, inspiring recital hosted by a charismatic, enthusiastic music teacher will allow everyone the opportunity to celebrate their musical achievements.

The challenge: Successful Music recitals are a lot of work and sometimes can go unappreciated by busy families who are eager to enjoy the warm weather.  Recitals can also be very stressful for anxious students or students who are new to performing.  (stressed out student = stressed out family.) How can you make your recital an event that everyone is excited about?

Solution: Be the host(ess) with the most. This event is a reflection of your business and making music is supposed to be fun – right?  Make sure that everyone feels welcome and appreciated at your recital. Enthusiastically greet everyone and welcome them into the recital venue.  Some other suggestions:

  • Have fun, lively music playing in the venue when people arrive.
  • Open the recital with a warm welcome or by performing a song for your families…or
  •  Invite a guest performer (perhaps a former student!) to open the concert.
  • Have all students introduce themselves and their pieces. (This saves time and keeps the recital moving)
  • Recognize all students – especially students who are first time performers.
  • Welcome new families to your event. 
  • Have a draw for a gift card or small prize at the end of the recital. (This may help to keep families there till the end.)
  • Offer refreshments after the recital and allow families and students to mingle.
  • Graciously thank everyone for attending and make sure everyone leaves with a smile.

Truth Bomb: A successful recital isn’t just about wonderful student performances. It is about recognizing musical growth – no matter how small. Make sure everyone’s efforts are appreciated.

Please feel free to share your ideas about how to make recitals and fun and successful event.