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Winter Music for Kids

Winter Music for Young Singers

October 8, 2022
hot chocolate

Snow, skating, hot chocolate, cookies…even repertoire about sasquatch! Songs kids love to sing and guaranteed showstoppers in your next seasonal recital. Before you assign My Favorite Things one more time… I hope you will check out this mini lyric video playlist and discover new music that will bring smiles and happy singing to your lessons.

Winter Songs for Young Singers 8 and Under

The early elementary-aged singers may not be ready for 3 or 4-minute solos, but they are ready to explore catchy melodies and fun stories. (Our composers craft short, sweet songs so young singers can enjoy successful first performances.)

Snowflakes by Donna Rhodenizer is a lovely poem and a legato singing study with a descending scale melody challenge. Students can explore singing longer phrases and dynamic singing with this seasonal study.

Snowflakes is included in the Songs and Studies for Kids Introductory A collection and is available as a single song download.

For Young Singers 10 and Under

Our older, more experienced singers will enjoy the challenges in these songs—engaging and entertaining performance repertoire for soloists and choirs.

Skating by Donna Rhodenizer is a jazzy waltz for the more experienced singer. This song includes three backing tracks so singers can explore singing this fun melody at different tempos. Just like skating – it takes practice to go faster!

The Singing Yeti (Rhodenizer/Duinker/Loney) is a mysterious tale of a shy creature singing in the mountains. Will he join your choir? No, he will not. This song is a challenging vocal study as singers must accurately perform major and minor scales and arpeggios throughout the song.

Winter Repertoire for ALL Ages

Many songs and studies in the FULL VOICE Library are perfect for singers of all ages. They can be used as vocal studies in lessons and are fabulous performance showcase songs.

It’s Snowing! (Oh, Yes!) is for your singers who LOVE snow. This cabaret-style song is an uptempo audience-wowing number for a winter or Christmas recital.

But if you don’t like snow…the next song may be more suitable.

It’s Snowing! (Oh, No!) is for anyone who doesn’t like the snow. (Teachers and parents will relate to this version!) Pair this with It’s Snowing! Oh, Yes! for entertaining recital moments! (We think teachers should perform this song while a student performs the other!)

Yes! Both songs are included in the download. 😁

Jazzy, fun warm-ups songs for ALL ages

Fun Fact: The team at FVM is all about swinging fun tunes. (We all studied jazz!) These fun freebies are excellent warm-up songs and teaching opportunities for swing, rhythm reading, and other musical challenges. In addition, the lyric videos are karaoke tracks perfect for fun home practice.

The Hot Chocolate Warm-Up Song is a seasonal singing warm-up for all ages. It is an excellent opportunity for your singers to explore the swing feel. For more experienced singers, it can be a great melody to explore improvisation and riffing! (Download includes a German language study – Schokolade)

Gingerbread, Man! is a delicious vocal study for all ages. Explore rhythms and music reading while celebrating this seasonal treat.

Bonus: The super-cute karaoke video works beautifully in online lessons or for more enjoyable home practice!

Sharing videos and files is OK!

Teacher Tip: Make practicing FUN! FULL VOICE lyric videos are SHARABLE. This means you can forward links to your students, and they can use them for home practicing! Just click on the arrow on the right-hand side of the video for the link.

Fun Fact: Our single song downloads include scores and backing tracks. They have studio licenses, so you can make copies for your students and share performances on social media channels. Thank you for supporting our composers!

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