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It's Snowing! (Oh, YES!/Oh, No!) by Donna Rhodenizer


It's Snowing! (Oh, YES!/Oh, No!) by Donna Rhodenizer

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It's Snowing! (Oh, Yes!/ Oh, No!) is a seasonal two-song set that can be performed as a collection, or singers may choose the version that best reflects their true feelings about winter weather. This cabaret-style song is a guaranteed hit at your next winter recital or concert. Suitable for soloists (of any age) or elementary choirs.

If the winter weather inspires you to run out to play, It's Snowing! (Oh, Yes!) It is the song for you. The accompaniment's jazzy chords add a lovely flavor to this melody while leaving the singer with a very singable and melodic solo line.

If the thought of shoveling snow fills you with dread, It's Snowing! (Oh, No!) is the song for you. The same tune, rewritten in a minor key, takes a less forgiving look at the "joys" of winter. The lushness of the heavy minor chords creates an entirely different mood, and with only a few "minor" lyric changes, the song takes on a completely different character.

This TWO song download includes:

  • full score
  • leadsheet
  • piano backing tracks with and without melody guides
  • lyric sheets
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