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Play-Based Learning, Engagment, & Lesson Pacing

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Play-Based Learning, Engagment, & Lesson Pacing

A concise 45-minute workshop focusing on essential foundational skills of pedagogy.

Teachers thrive in a dynamic and stimulating setting where they can witness their students’ growth and enthusiasm. An engaging voice studio fosters a positive atmosphere and ensures that each lesson is a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Discover strategies and techniques to make play-based learning, engagement, and effective lesson pacing vital components of your voice studio – in under an hour!

A certificate of completion is awarded to participants upon completing the teacher quiz.


  • Nikki's workshop is fun and transformative - an absolutely must for teachers working with young singers. Not only will you leave the workshop with a bigger toolbox, you will leave with a new sense of inspiration and purpose.

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How this course works

This course includes a 45-minute video lesson accompanied by a three-page PDF for easy note-taking and review. A short quiz is available at the end of the course, and teachers who demonstrate confidence in the material will receive a certificate of completion. Teachers have access to this course for 60 days.

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How this course will transform your teaching

Is this course right for me?

This course is for teachers who want to create supportive, educational, and dynamic learning spaces. This concise presentation will:

✔️ Outline the power of play in instruction

✔️ Identify common teacher traps

✔️ Offer strategies you can use immediately

✔️ Inspire teachers to connect with students of all ages

How about a preview?

This excerpt discusses Student Engagement: Outlining Guidelines for Effective Lesson Pacing.

Meet your teacher

Nikki Loney

Inspired by the youngest students in her private voice studio, Nikki Loney challenges teachers to redefine what a singing lesson looks like for a child. Leading FULL VOICE Music, Nikki collaborates with top music education specialists, children’s composers, and musicians to create innovative and engaging music education resources specifically designed for young vocal students. Her active membership in NATS and the global reach of The FULL VOICE Podcast further demonstrate her commitment to empowering voice teachers. Join Nikki in transforming your teaching approach and discover how her course can help you inspire and nurture the next generation of singers.