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53 | Spooky Vocal Warm-Ups 2

September 28, 2018



Spooky Vocal Warm-Ups 2 (with wicked repertoire recommendations)

The Halloween Season is here! (And so is our new FREEBIE Friday download!) Using the scary themes from Halloween can be a fun time in the private teaching studio. Singing minor triads and arpeggios or exploring a chromatic scale is far more engaging with a ghostly “Oooo” or “Eeeee”.

Wicked Repertoire Recommendations

Bonus points for the teacher who can compliment the spooky warm-ups with some fun seasonal songs.
Here are some of my favorite songs for the month of October!

For singers ages 6 and up

The Wind – Cecil Sharman (RCM Resonance – Level One)
A short and fun song about the wind being in a terrible hurry. Allows singers to sing in a minor key with dynamic and tempo challenges.

Someone – Violet Archer (RCM Resonance – Level Two)
An interesting story about a knock at the door…but no one is there!

Ed the Invisible Dragon Donna Rhodenizer (RCM – Level Two and in Dinosaurs, Dragons, and Me)
A fun song with a bluesy swing about a mischievous Dragon (named Ed)

Spooky Songs – Five Songs for Young Singers – Lin Marsh
A fun little collection of seasonal songs for singers, Something Spooky is a good tune for boys and girls. Lin Marsh is from the UK. You can find this collection on Amazon

Disney Songs

Disney villains Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmations) and Poor Unfortunate Souls (Little Mermaid) can bring
out the actor in all our young students.

Older students ages 10 and up

The Owls – Peter Jenkyns (RCM Resonance – Level Four)
A minor key melody with challenging tempo changes.

Five Eyes – Armstrong Gibbs
Available as a solo and a two part choral version. (Both are super fun!)
Five Eyes can be found in Level 8 RCM Resonance Book
**Anna Huntley does a lovely version here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVobj8GQLpM
The Two Part choral version is available on Sheet Music Plus

Group Classes

Kids Halloween movement Song “On Halloween”

On Halloween (Singing Walrus)

Hey Ho, Nobody Home

A minor folk song that is easy to learn. (This is in the FULL VOICE Teacher Guide…just saying!)

Have you seen the Ghost of John
Probably too scary for the littles, but your teens could have fun with this canon.

Do you have a favourite spooky song that you LOVE?

Leave a comment below and share your go-to songs for Halloween!