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Amelia Carr episode 193

193| Addressing Performance Anxiety with Amelia Carr

March 29, 2024

Our special guest is Amelia Carr, an accomplished performer, vocal coach, and singing teacher based in London, UK. Amelia focuses her expertise on coaching children and young singers in the professional musical theatre industry. With a specialized emphasis on performance anxiety, she brings forth a wealth of experience in this field, having recently concluded an extensive research project on the subject. In episode 193, she delves into key insights from her research, sharing effective strategies for managing performance anxiety. Additionally, she offers valuable insight into maintaining optimal vocal health for young performers navigating the demands of the industry.

About our Guest

Amelia is a vocal coach specializing in working with young voices in the professional musical theatre industry. Amelia has a keen interest in performance skills and recently completed a huge research project resulting in strategies for helping young performers with Performance-related Anxiety. Amelia is about to embark on a Medicinal Herbalist course, hoping to integrate another of her passions into her teaching practice. When outside of work in the real world, Amelia uses her newly acquired super skills to play the best role yet, Mumma to wee Hamish, and enjoys exploring nature when taking time out.

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