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162 | Connecting with Repertoire, Music Teaching Platforms, TikTok 101

May 6, 2022

Donna Rhodenizer talks about connecting with students so teachers can discover better repertoire choices for young singers. She also discusses the challenges of getting students to perform after a long hiatus. Next, Takenya Battle shares new online teaching platforms developed for online music lessons and how she helps families make the switch. Finally, Karen Michaels gives us an overview and best practices for using TikTok as a business tool. Fabulous guests and timely topics on episode 162 of the FULL VOICE Podcast.

Connecting with Repertoire with Donna Rhodenizer (2:42)
Donna Rhodenizer shares strategies for choosing music your students will love to sing. (Hint! You have to get to know them first!) Donna also shares teaching strategies as we return to in-person performances in our studios and schools.

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New Music: My Treehouse by Donna Rhodenizer

Music Teaching Platforms with Takenya Battle (32:41)
Music teacher and technology expert Takenya Battle shares new platforms for teaching music and how she helps her families navigate the change to a new platform.
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TikTok 101 with Karen Michaels (43:08)
Music teacher and social media expert Karen Michaels gives us an overview and best practices for using TikTok to promote your teaching studio.

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