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5 | Hosting Great Student Recitals

November 30, 2015

This (podcast) made me ridiculously pumped about my first official recital as a teacher. Thank you (and your colleagues) for the excellent suggestions and tips about engaging the kids and families, and making things more fun and less… not ( 5: Hosting Great Recitals) ~ Chelsea

Overview: Student Recitals are a very important part of a private music teacher’s business. Young singers and their families are new to performing and may need extra support. Here are some great ideas to keep everyone smiling and looking forward to the next recital. 

Share your ideas! If you have other ideas that help young students at their recitals, please post below! 

More information on this topic: How to Host the Best Recital Ever (Blog Post)

Track Out-take: Sometimes recording at home can be difficult.
Our uninvited guest joins us at the very end of our podcast.