Songbird Warm-Up Game (Halloween Edition)

Choose your spooky warm-up adventure

Terrifying tongue twisters, evil ear-training, spooky vocal warm-ups! The Halloween edition of the Songbird Warm-Up Game will keep your students singing and smiling this season! Teachers, watch out – there is even a terrifying vocal challenge for you! This activity is great for all ages, including your teen and adult students.

This download includes:

  • activity cut-out strips with tongue twisters, short melodies, and fun challenges for students to perform.


How to Play:

  1. Print the pages and cut out the exercises.
  2. Put all activity strips into a jar (jar of DOOM?) or box.
  3. (in-person) Have students pull out the activity to perform.
  4. (online) Teachers pull out the activity and show it to the students to perform.

Happy Halloween from the FULL VOICE Team!

About this PDF:

4 pages, full colour, 8.5×11”

Download available immediately after free purchase.