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Introductory Vocal Jazz! Seventh Chord Song Studies

Introductory Vocal Jazz! Seventh Chord Song Studies


This four-song download package is tailor-made for students and choral ensembles who are new to the sounds and feel of jazz. Recommended for students ages 12 to adult.

Seventh Chord Song Studies introduces Cmaj7, C7, and Cm7 chords in jazzy mini-songs. Each study presents the seventh chord as a melody with harmonic support in the accompaniment. Each song assists students with identifying and singing the new chord sounds. This download includes:

  • Teaching Strategies: Includes helpful genre-based cues and instruction for singers new to jazz.
  • Seventh Chord Exercises: Simple warm-ups and ear-training exercises to introduce the sounds of each chord.
  • Leadsheet and PVC Charts: For a comprehensive learning experience, both leadsheet and full score charts are included.
  • Band Tracks: Professionally recorded with a live band.


FULL VOICE Music supports the next generation of jazz artists by donating a portion of sales of this product to the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz.

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