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Four Seasons Harmony Studies by Glyn Lehmann


Four Seasons Harmony Studies by Glyn Lehmann


Four Seasons Harmony Studies by Glyn Lehmann is a four-song collection that introduces young singers to different harmony singing activities.

Autumn of Fall is a simple echo song. Echo songs are a helpful introduction to singing harmonies as students learn to listen closely to the melody and rhythm sung by their partner.

Winter Woolies is a chilly partner song that features each singer as a soloist before the two unique melodies come together for a fun reprise!

Spring is Here, Ah-Choo! It is a 2-part harmony study that introduces a simple alto part.

Summer Somersaults is a 3-part round with a fun reggae beat. Canon singing is a fun activity and a helpful introduction to learning to sing in harmony with others! Perfect for small group classes!

This download includes:

  • full score
  • backing tracks with and without melody guides
  • lyric sheets

You can make copies for your students. Choose a studio or choral license. Learn more about our Licensing options on our Song Licensing Page.

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