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95 | Teaching Contemporary Singing: Interview with John Henny

September 26, 2019

Voice teacher, podcaster, vocal pedagogy course creator AND author, John Henny returns to the FULL VOICE podcast to discuss his new book, Teaching Contemporary Singing.

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Links mentioned in this podcast

You can find more about John and his training programs at
You can purchase John’s new book, Teaching Contemporary Singing on Amazon
Check out John’s podcast, The Intelligent Vocalist


About our Guest:

John Henny is a celebrity voice teacher who has helped train hundreds of successful voice teachers around the world. John has created powerful online education courses for teachers and singers, including The New Science of Singing and Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy.

John hosts one of the top podcasts for singers, The Intelligent Vocalist, where he breaks down the complex issues of singing and performing in a friendly, easy-to-understand style. He also works with singers around the world via webcam lessons.