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93 | Historical Vocal Pedagogy: Interview with Justin Petersen

September 13, 2019

“Understanding the trajectory of ideas on singing and teaching singing gives one the ability to stand on the shoulders of giants and learn from their successes and their mistakes.. .“
Voice Teacher, audition coach and voice pedagogy blogger, Justin Petersen shares his passion for historical vocal teaching and why it holds an important place in the modern voice studio. (Part One)

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About our Guest:

Justin Petersen is a private voice teacher and college audition coach in Boston, Massachusetts. Justin teaches according to a functional pedagogy which aims to improve vocal range, stamina, endurance, flexibility, and most importantly: healthy singing.

Justin received his M.M. in Opera at the University of Kansas, and his Bachelor of Music degree at Simpson College. His performance career includes performances with the Des Moines Metro Opera, the Kansas City Lyric Opera, Opera North, Sarasota Opera, and the Santa Fe Opera.

Justin is the vocal coach for My College Audition, where he coaches students on all aspects musical audition preparation for college, starting from initial repertoire selection to final mock auditions.

He has been on the Voice Faculty of Dean College in Franklin, MA, and he has also served on the faculties of the New England Conservatory Preparatory Program, and the Stoneham Theater working with young singers.

His voice studio in Boston consists of actors, dancers, and singers of opera, musical theater, pop, jazz, and rock. Students are also of many ages, but he tends to work mostly with adult and high school aged singers.

Justin has a deep passion for working with damaged voices and helping to bring them back to health. He actively works with Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) in Boston, facilitating cross-functional dialogue between singers, teachers, and voice therapists.