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86 | Interview with Vocologist, Dr. Heather Nelson

May 24, 2019

Vocology is the science and practice of vocal habilitation, or vocal training and therapy. For voice teachers interested in learning more about a Singing Voice Specialist, our special guest, Dr. Heather Nelson shares her educational background and how she works with voice clients and partners with medical teams and voice teachers in person and online. A fantastic conversation on the FULL VOICE Podcast.

About our Guest


Heather is passionate about all things voice, and especially loves working with singers! She lives and works as a vocologist and voice teacher in Springfield, Missouri. Her favorite clients are those who love to sing, but may need a little extra help to work through some changes in their voices or to build confidence. She enjoys working in her garden, cooking new recipes, and riding roller coasters. She can most often be found hanging out at home, attending to every wish and whim of Dooey the dog and Sis the cat.

Twitter: @vocologist
Instagram: drheathernelson