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82 | Traveling Teacher: Interview with Libby Wiebel

April 26, 2019

Private music teacher, Libby Wiebel shares the pros, cons, and things-I-wish-had-known-when-I-got-started about teaching in students’ homes. Discover how she set her fee structure and has created an incredibly successful business model by creating a community in her “conceptual music studio.”

Warm-Up of the Week: Back to the ABC’s

My Music Staff Minute: Accepting online payments.

About Our Guest:

Libby Wiebel is a private piano/voice/ukulele/guitar/songwriting/theory (whew!) teacher in the Washington DC area. She teaches students in their homes in Alexandria and Arlington, Virginia. Libby has over 25 years of teaching experience and is passionate about giving students the tools they will need to be lifelong musicians. Libby is also the music minister at St. John’s Broad Creek Episcopal Church and loves improving her skills at the organ and arranging music for the choir to sing. When she’s not being a musician, you can often find her training (or snuggling with) her big lovable mutt Oso, who is also the studio mascot.