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76 | Money Matters for Self Employed Teachers: Interview with Jeremiah Johnson

March 15, 2019

Jeremiah Johnson is an opera singer turned financial expert with a passion to help musicians make peace with their finances. In episode 76, we are talking about money mindset (for self employed creatives who just want to make music) and simple strategies for preparing for retirement.

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About our Guest

Jeremiah Johnson is an opera singer turned financial educator, who strives to help other musicians figure out the world of money and finance. After graduating from Cincinnati Conservatory of Music he began a career as an opera singer, and saw a gap in financial education. Specifically for other self-employed musicians trying to prepare for "real life." He has taught classes at major summer programs and colleges including NYU School of Music, and his private clients work at opera houses all over the world. Including Santa Fe Opera, San Francisco Opera, and the Metropolitan Opera.

You can contact Jeremiah here:

[email protected]