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75 | Social Media Check In: Interview with Karen Michaels

March 8, 2019

Karen Michaels returns to the podcast to keep us up to date with fantastic opportunities to promote our teaching studios on social media. In this episode she talks about Google My Business and the updates to the Linkedin platform. Karen also shares inspiration and best practices for keeping our social media accounts up to date.

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About our Guest

Karen Michael is a singer, voice teacher and the SOCIAL BUTTERFLY GURU (AND, the official social media expert for the FULL VOICE Podcast) She LOVES all social media platforms and is excited to share FANTASTIC Teacher tips that can help you promote and celebrate your teaching studio.

Visit the Social Butterfly Guru on Facebook at

Links mentioned in this podcast

Google My Business
Karen’s video tutorial about Google My Business platform.

If this then that (APP)

Publishing Articles on Linkedin

Karen recommends Cut Story app for Instagram video

Karen’s Freebie for FULL VOICE Podcast listeners (use password FULLVOICEPODCAST)