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7 | Are You In a Repertoire Rut?

January 7, 2016

Topic: Are You in a Repertoire Rut? 
Host: Nikki Loney

Overview: Choosing repertoire for young singers (any singer really,) is by far, one of the biggest challenges for vocalists and voice teachers. In this podcast, we look at common voice teacher complaints and discuss why finding great music is such a chore! We may even have some strategies that you might not have thought about. Here are some of the challenges we talk about:


Repertoire Challenge #1 – Finding repertoire for new students.
Challenge #2 – Students want to sing songs that are not appropriate for their age or ability.
Challenge #2a – Parents want their kids to sing songs that are not appropriate.
Challenge #3  – (Ok, I screwed, up. there is no #3. I miss counted when recording the podcast (-:)
Challenge # 4 –  Young singers can’t relate to conservatory repertoire.
Challenge # 5 – You can’t relate to the music your students want to perform.
Challenge # 6 – Your students don’t have the sheet music for the songs they want to sing.

Please feel free to share your strategies for repertoire challenges in your studio below: