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68 | Introductory (small group) Vocal Classes

January 18, 2019

Introductory Vocal Classes (or Singing Club, as my students have renamed it!) Is a unique offering for students age 6-8 years who love to sing and are new to lessons. This is a general music class with a special focus on singing that has great benefits for Teachers, students and families.

If you have the interest, space, and mindset to work with a small group class, I am happy to share the kid and teacher tested singing games and activities and some of my GOLDEN resources that I use to create a curriculum that is fun for me AND my young singers!


Debuting in this episode! The new My Music Staff Minute – Business Tips for your Teaching Studio!

This Week’s Tip: Setting yourself apart from the competition. What services or skills give you a competitive advantage over other teachers?

Resources and links mentioned in the Podcast

Elementary Music with Donna Rhodenizer Donna Rhodenizer is a fantastic children’s composer with great songs like Computer Cat, Ed the Invisible Dragon and I Need a Home for My Dinosaur. Did you know that Donna is a Music Education Specialist with 34 Years of teaching experience? She has just launched a new website (so please sign up for her newsletter!) and you can see her in action on her facebook page here!

Donna’s Teacher Resources are invaluable and can be found here!

Beth’s Notes Plus is a well organized resource with an endless collection of folk songs, call and answer music, and MORE. You can find many group activities here!

The FULL VOICE Teacher Guide has an entire chapter dedicated to Small Group Class including a suggested 8-week program for this age group.