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65 | Vocal Warm-Ups From Around the World (Part One)

December 21, 2018

Pack your bags – we are taking a trip around the world. We are stopping in on our friends and colleagues from around the globe and asking them about their favorite vocal warm-ups. {Teacher Take-a-way Alert} Listen to this podcast and You will have new and exciting vocal exercise ideas for your studio – guaranteed! In this episode, no piano warm-up tips and crowdsourcing ideas from your students to customize a warm-up that makes them smile! Special thanks to Karen Michaels (Las Vegas, Nevada), Kim Wessel (New Brunswick, Canada) and Rebekah Piatt (Winter Park, Florida) for their great ideas (and some fun laughs!) Our trip has only just begun! More exciting conversations in Part Two!


Karen Michaels (Henderson, Nevada, United States) https://karenmichaelsmusic.com/lessons/
Karen is a wife, mom, pianist, singer and performer. In her own words: “I am a teaching artist. It feeds my heart to share my love and knowledge of music with you! It feeds my soul to perform and sing for you! My voice is full of the soul, sass and spunk that I have for music and life.

Favorite Warm-ups: Lip Trills, 5 note scales with the letter M and ALL Triad qualities sung staccato.
Karen is a returning guest to the FULL VOICE Podcast. She is also a social media expert and shared her knowledge on podcast #48 Social Media for Voice Teachers https://soundcloud.com/thefullvoice/fvpc48-socialmediaforteachers

Kim Wessel (Bouctouche, New Brunswick, Canada) qualitypianolessonsmusicstudio.com
Kim has been teaching piano and vocals since 2003. She is a member of MMTA and NBRMTA. She moved from Ontario to New Brunswick in April, 2017 to semi-retire. In her own words: “I will never actually stop teaching”. Kim is now teaching in French and English and has to navigate the movable DO verse fixed DO concepts every day!

Favorite Warm-Ups: A whole body stretching and vocalizing a yawn (and lip trills!)

Rebekah Piatt (Winter Park, Florida, United States) https://anoteworthymusicstudio.net/
Rebekah is the owner and master teacher at A Noteworthy Music Studio in Winter Park, FL (suburb of Orlando). I run a boutique studio that offers voice, piano, and guitar/ukulele lessons to students of all ages. In her own words: “I have one teaching apprentice, Hayley, and one associate teacher, Jonatan (yes, that’s how his name is spelled). Our motto is “music lessons in the key of fearless” and our goal is to help students pursue a love for performing all kinds of music. We’re absolutely not your gramma’s music lessons, and we absolutely are the place where friends and families converge to make amazing music and have fun doing it.”

Favorite Warm-Ups: A great seasonal idea, Using the first line of Deck the Halls and a HILARIOUS five note scale with fun, seasonal or STAR WARS themed lyrics (usually crowdsourced from her own students).