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64 | The Vocal Instrument 101: Interview with Shannon Coates

December 14, 2018

Returning Guest, Shannon Coates discusses her new online course: The Vocal Instrument 101. A fun and inspiring conversation about continuing education and diving into the science, anatomy and physiology of singing. (Please note: There is occasional “crackle” in the recording due to internet connection issues, but the voices are clear.)

About our Guest: Shannon Coates



A few years back, after having taught at a music school and running my own voice studio, I went ahead and got a doctorate in voice pedagogy from the University of Toronto. Now, in addition to being an independent voice teacher, I teach undergraduate voice pedagogy courses at a few universities in Southern Ontario. The Vocal Instrument 101 is a distillation of the information I wish I could download (Matrix-style) to my own voice students, to my voice pedagogy students, and to my voice teaching colleagues who didn’t have a chance to go get a doctorate in voice pedagogy (because: ain’t nobody got time for that!). 


Shannon’s short list of Awesome Voice Teacher LINKS:

Voice Science Works (https://www.voicescienceworks.org/) – short, sweet, super-sciency jolts of information WITH COOL PICS (website)

Your Voice: The Basics (http://www.voiceinsideview.com/YVTB.html) – the sciency starter kit of all starter kits (downloadable iBook)

What Every Singer Needs to Know About the Body (http://pluralpublishing.com/publication_wesnkab3e.htm) – dispelling myths and re-mapping singing physiology one singer at a time (paperback & ebook)



Online Course: The Vocal Instrument 101

And if you want to do more of a deep-dive and get not only the sciency 101 but the application to singing 101? You can always do her course: The Vocal Instrument 101 https://www.shannon-coates.com/product/the-vocal-instrument-101/).  Full Voice Podcast listeners can get $150 OFF by entering: FULLVOICEPODCAST at checkout. (Thank you so much Shannon!)