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62 | Finding GREAT Audition Songs: Interview with Nate Plummer

November 30, 2018

Voice Teachers are ALWAYS preparing students for auditions. What songs will give our students the best chances of landing the roll? Should you transpose the music? What about the 16 or 32 bar cuts? Our good friend and Musical Theatre Guru, Nate Plummer answers these questions and MORE on this week’s episode.

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About our Guest:

Nate Plummer is originally from Chippewa Falls, WI. He attended the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and graduated with a Comprehensive Theatre Arts Degree with emphases in Theatre for Youth Education and Performance. Nate’s company Stage Door Unlocked offers training in private voice, acting in musical theatre, acting for stage, auditioning, the business side of being a performer, college auditioning and more. For more information about Nate’s studio, please visit:

Links mentioned in this podcast:

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The Voice Teacher’s Guide to Musical Theatre Auditioning.