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60 | Challenges in Your Teaching Studio as Life Goes On: Special Guest Michelle Markwart Deveaux

November 16, 2018

Do you remember the challenges you faced in your teaching studio when you first started? What about now? Age matters. Depending on your age and status, (whether you like it or not) your clients may be treating you differently. Returning guest, Michelle Markwart Deveaux has some heartfelt business insight and strategies for all of us running independent teaching studios.

About my Guest


Returning (super special) guest Michelle Markwart Deveaux is a sassy voice “maven” from California working with singers of all ages. She uses her business super powers to help voice teachers run successful teaching studios. She is the creator and director of the Speakeasy Cooperative and her online business course for voice teachers: How to Run Your Studio Without Hating Your Boss.

Michelle will be joining me again in 2019 to share more great business tips for your teaching studio!

Links mentioned in the show:

For more information about Michelle’s class starting in 2019
How To Run Your Studio Without Hating Your Boss (Hurry! Limited spaces available.)

Link for SpeakEasy Coop (A Voice Teacher mastermind/co-learning group) www.thespeakeasycoop.com

Link for Michelle’s site www.faithculturekiss.com