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58 | Songs for Young Singers: Interview with Glyn Lehmann from Song Library

November 2, 2018

Nikki talks to Australian composer Glyn Lehmann about his modern, pop-infused music for young singers. Children around the world have enjoyed singing his songs, and he shares his inspiration in composing for young voices. This podcast features clips of his catchy songs from his choral, solo voice and song cycle projects.

About our Guest


Glyn Lehmann has been a musician, arranger, and composer for 30 years. His fun, pop-inspired catchy melodies have been enjoyed by young voices around the globe. His website is a FANTASTIC resource for the music teacher working with young voices.

Songs featured on the Podcast:

I am the Earth
A dialogue between the Earth and the world’s children.

Feed Your Imagination
The more you feed it – the more it grows. No, not your pet hamster – your imagination!

The Seed
What you plant is what you grow. So…sow the seed of kindness and friendship

The Dance
An ode to clean energy and the power and beauty of ‘the dance’. A dynamic song and an exciting concert piece.

Sing For You
Captures the excitement of performing for others; the nervous anticipation and euphoric feeling that music creates between performer and audience.

Children of the World
Words by Phil Cummings, Music by Glyn Lehmann
From the song cycle, Space Race
Captures the sense of wonder and excitement children felt as they watched Armstrong walk on the moon in 1969. 

Phil Cummings is an award winning author of over seventy books for children. 
His career has spanned thirty years and his work has been published in Australia, New Zealand, U.S, Japan, China, Korea, Canada, U.K. and throughout Europe.

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About Song Library

The SongLibrary is a collection of songs written for school choirs, children’s community choirs/choruses and the classroom. All songs are composed specifically for children to sing. 

A recording of each song and a backing track can be played from your mp3 player or burnt to a CD. Sheet music and lyrics in PDF format are ready for you to print. Details of each song such as lyrics, musical range and style, subject matter, number of parts and more can be viewed on each page. 

Some songs also have accompaniments suitable for school orchestras and bands with full scores and parts available to download.

Most of all, SongLibrary provides the resources for music teachers and choir trainers to help children experience the wonder of singing together.