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54 | Sane Singing: Interview with Brian Lee

October 5, 2018

Special Guest, Brian Lee discusses his new book, Sane Singing: A Guide to Vocal Progress. His book is “about self-advocacy – taking control of the course of your vocal life.” It is also a brilliant check-in for voice teachers about how challenging it can be for voice students trying to become a better singer.

If you are kind to yourself and others, your singing will be lovely, even if unskilled. Our voices are tied so closely to how we express ourselves, and to how we feel, that it is difficult to become a truly different person when we sing. Like it or not, love for self and love for one’s voice are connected. ~ Sane Singing page 162


About our Guest

D. Brian Lee is a voice teacher, tenor and researcher of historical pedagogy. Brian teaches at his studios in Potomac, Maryland and New York City. His clientele includes soloists, choristers, band members, Broadway and film actors, singer-songwriters and voice teachers. He has been a singers’ problem solver for over 35 years and has been a featured contributor to music journals and podcasts (like this one!) He blogs regularly at

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